Laptop Coolers

  Zero G 11:55 02 Feb 2007

I've seen them in PCWorld, but do they really work & does anyone use one or are they just a gimmick?
Seen 1 that is at a slight angle, has 2 fans and is USB powered.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:01 02 Feb 2007

Yes they work really well.

However I use two ice packs (click here bottom of page) in a plastic bag and sit the laptop ontop.

  The Brigadier 15:42 02 Feb 2007

Water & PC's i dont think mix well!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:08 02 Feb 2007

That's why they are in plastic bags.

  wee eddie 16:17 02 Feb 2007

It was in the bin.

They told me that they did not sell Display Stands and anyway there was a small chip out of it (which was why it was being thrown out).

I said. "Could I have it if I donated a £5'er to the Charity that the Store was supporting that day." Which they were happy to agree to.

I now have a fine, 30 degree, perspex Laptop Stand. Easy to type on, the screen closer to eye level and a good natural airflow underneath. Ace!

  Input Overload 16:36 02 Feb 2007

A friens of mine has one, it works well, the only problem is the battery only lasts half as long.

  The Brigadier 18:06 02 Feb 2007

Yes i did realise that, though the heat could melt the plastic or water vapour could be a problem.

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