Korean Lesson

  morddwyd 09:08 22 Jan 2011

It's not just electronics the South Koreans are good at.

They've just given some Somali pirates a bloody nose.

click here

Perhaps we, and the others on patrol, could learn from them.

  Quickbeam 09:19 22 Jan 2011

"We will not tolerate any behaviour that threatens the lives and safety of our people in the future”
Quote Lee Myung-Bak South Korean Presiden

Why can't we just adopt the simple solution?

  michaelw 10:14 22 Jan 2011

never make any effort in properly patrolling their territorial waters and catch these Somali pirates.

There is no proper Somali government and the country is just run by several warlords. Somalis also cross the borders and invade farms in Northern Kenya, stealing cattle and killing villagers but President Kibaki never does anything about it.

  rickf 10:31 22 Jan 2011

South Korea has a military culture at it's heart. MOst S. Koreans have basic Tai Kwan Do training. In the military, Tai Kwan Do is an mandatory part of their training. They have been training the Isareli military for years in martial arts combat based in Tai Kwan Do.
"Why can't we adopt this policy?" We should. Just take them out.

  Quickbeam 10:46 22 Jan 2011

'Many dead in bungled South Korean rescue operation'.
Nobody will know if you don't tell them;)

  carver 11:26 22 Jan 2011

I think that by the time the Royal Navy had got permission and then had to consider whether they might be contravening the Pirates human rights to take a ship it could be too late.

Even if they did manage to do it we most likely would have finished up having to give them asylum.

  wee eddie 12:23 22 Jan 2011

The Flag under which a ship sails becomes the National soil of that Nation.

If the Pirates were tried, by a Court convened on board that ship under the laws of the Flag Country, then the Pirates might be tried, there and then, without leaving the ship. The sentence could be served on that ship and, at the conclusion of the sentence, the Pirates (now several years older) returned to the place where the Hi-jack was committed.

I'm sure that this idea is full of holes but maybe the general idea holds some merit.

  sunnystaines 13:07 22 Jan 2011

send the RN marines over to S.Korea for training.
and our military commanders over there to train them in building confidence in these scenarios.

years ago merchant ships had a small armoury and security staff trained as snipers [often nepalese]
to protect ships in the dutch east indies which at the time had similar troubles

  sunnystaines 13:19 22 Jan 2011

the malay forces just done similar rescue
click here

these eastern forces are putting NATO to shame.

  Woolwell 13:49 22 Jan 2011

The RM Commandos have been in Afghanistan and 3 Commando Brigade will go back again in April. I very much doubt that the Koreans could teach them anything especially the SBS members.

We have now denuded the Navy of ships until we have only a few more destroyers and frigates than the Koreans and yet people in the UK want world-wide coverage, helping in the Caribbean, chasing pirates, in the Gulf and anywhere a Brit might be in trouble. The Government has decided we cannot afford a Navy like it used to be.

  Woolwell 13:57 22 Jan 2011

For an Asian viewpoint on the problem see click here. Although dated 2008 I don't think much has changed. the root problem is Somalia and its territorial waters.

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