Korean F1 was it worth early rising

  ex-wirecutter 11:13 24 Oct 2010

I know, people say if you don't like it don't watch it, but was that really the "spectacle" the commentators made it out to be ? I appreciate the organizers couldn't do anything about the weather.

  AL47 11:36 24 Oct 2010

it was brilliant

  Colin 12:07 24 Oct 2010

I Sky Plussed it, (is Sky Plussed a proper phrase?), but as it went on for so long I missed the end as it was changed over to BBC2 from BBC1.
However, I watched the rest on the BBC’s website and overall, I really enjoyed it. Of course, the weather changed it a lot so who know knows what a full dry race would have been like?
A lot of people think F1 is boring, but it is as popular as ever, if not even more so. As I always say, each to their own. I ride a motorbike but can’t stand watching motorbike racing. Again, each to their own!

  birdface 12:13 24 Oct 2010

I don't normally watch this as I find it boring but as I had nothing else to do I thought I would give it a try.
There was one driver on there that I am sure can not have a driving licence to drive on the main roads never mind the circuit.
Almost caused 8 or 9 accidents till eventually his luck ran out.
It is actually slightly better than watching synchronised swimming but not a lot.

  wids001 20:40 25 Oct 2010

Never miss it!

  Strawballs 22:54 25 Oct 2010

Thought it was great but could of stayed in bed till 8 instead of getting up at 6 oh well!

  Noldi 12:16 26 Oct 2010

It was all supposed to be problems because the track was new and would not be ready. The track and facility’s where in better condition than the new one at Abu Dhabi last year and that didn’t get bad press. The only thing that needs sorting out is Hotels but then it’s nice to go back to basics sometimes, next year it will be all new Hotels on site. The race was spiced up by the new surface and the weather.

Now do Red Bull get behind Webber????


  egapup 13:51 26 Oct 2010

I get sick of hearing the commentators constantly going on and on about that cheating German as-been.

  bigpeta 16:30 27 Oct 2010

it was great until mr nasty alonso won it

  Strawballs 17:56 27 Oct 2010

I know what you mean like at the begining when the 2 redbulls were saying that it was still to bad to start but when Hamiltons team asked him what the conditions were like he said fine lets get racing it's nearly dry enough for intermediates, but I think that he is the sort of racer that would have said that even if he had been in the lead.

  dagbladet 18:54 27 Oct 2010

"...but I think that he is the sort of racer that would have said that even if he had been in the lead."

I don't. I consider his assertion that the light was "fine" to be just as self serving (and potentially more dangerous) than Vettell's "it's too dark".

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