Koi Dealers in Preston/Lytham area.

  Brumas 09:27 20 Jul 2011

We shall be visiting our Son and Daughter, who live in Preston and Lytham St. Annes next week, and wondered if anyone knows of a reputable Koi Dealer in the area they'd care to recommend?

  Quickbeam 10:09 20 Jul 2011

No, but just to clarify what isn't too clear, are you taking the Koi as a gift or for a dinner treat...?

  Brumas 10:31 20 Jul 2011

Quickbeam, LOL ;o}}

  interzone55 12:31 20 Jul 2011


Koi would most definitely not be a dinner treat, they taste foul.

There's three ghost carp in our pond, they're normally sourced from the same places as Carp, so I'll see where they came from and post tonight...

  Brumas 20:14 20 Jul 2011


  interzone55 22:09 20 Jul 2011

Sorry, nobody on site knows where the Koi in our pond came from

  TopCat® 22:43 20 Jul 2011

Here's a list of aquatic dealers based in the Lancashire area, Brumas. Can't vouch for any of them myself, of course, but maybe someone else in the area can. TC.


  Brumas 22:48 20 Jul 2011

alan14, thanks for trying.

  Brumas 22:49 20 Jul 2011

TopCat®, Will check them out, thank you very much.

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