The Knowledge?

  spuds 14:29 14 Oct 2006

London taxi or hackney carriage drivers have to have The Knowledge, but have you ever wondered about other peoples knowledge on certain subjects, or how reliant people are becoming on additional aids and devices.

Years ago, taxi, HGV and most drivers,relied on their own knowledge of getting from A to B, nowadays the Sat Nav comes to the rescue. Even medical science now depends on advanced computer technology. The same thing applies to nearly everything. If it doesn't have electrical power and a micro chip, then human nature tends to perhaps fail on pure basics.

Do we rely to much on modern day methods and technology, and should we except this?.

  Cymro. 14:41 14 Oct 2006

Makes me wonder what would happen if some supper virus turned up that managed to infect a large proportion of the worlds computers. A sort of hackers "weapon of mass destruction". The fear of the millenium bug proved a false alarm, but something of the sort could happen. Where would we be then?

  spuds 14:53 14 Oct 2006

"Where would we be then?".

Only the other day, one of my local store's had a major power failure. The result of that, was the 8 checkouts were reduced to 2, and the remaining checkout assistants were given hand held calculators, so as to keep the store trading. Don't know what would have happened, if the old method of paper and pencil or own brain power had been relied on.

  def90csw 16:23 14 Oct 2006

I have 2 GPS systems in my car as some of my work does envolve making sure i'm in the correct area at times, but the back up is always a compass & OS map!

  €dstowe 18:25 14 Oct 2006

I used to live near Marble Arch. I got in a black cab one day at Waterloo and asked that I be taken to where lived. The cabbie hadn't a clue where it was so, I told him it was near Marble Arch. "No it isn't mate" I was told. I replied "Yes it is, I live there." At which point I got out of the cab. I was then treated to a hail of abuse.

  IClaudio 18:56 14 Oct 2006

2 GPS systems??! You have to trust one or the other - all the systems I've seen (many) are confused by the same new roundabouts and can all find their way to a given location. TomTom is the best, and you don't need another.

I depend on street-level navigation for a part-time job, and in my opinion, maps are really a thing of the past - until the SatNav breaks :(

  sidecar sid 19:50 14 Oct 2006

Technology is a wonderful thing.
My life worked perfectly well before i had a Pc.
I managed to keep in touch with everyone without my mobile phone.
My diary did the same as my pda.
Now if any of them break down/get mislaid/get stolen i wonder how the hell i used to function.
However i still steadfastly refuse to buy a dishwasher.

  Woolwell 20:20 14 Oct 2006

May be relevant:
click here

  Forum Editor 10:55 15 Oct 2006

which had SatNav in the cab.

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