Knowing (Nicholas Cage)

  perpetual motion 21:34 25 Mar 2009

Ive just been to see this film, so if any of you would like a unbiased review read on:

It is typicly a "American Film" although been american but its kinda predicatble in the sense, myself & my wife both enjoyed it, there was a couple of things in it that i didnt like them been:
it was like a slowish film then the action came in the last 20 mins squeezed in

There is aliens in it so if your a Anti UFO person avoid it!

there was a couple of misstakes which i found but im not going to spoil although some members may think ive typed too much allready of the story

anyway Imho id give it 7/10 it was worth watching but not a box office hit..

  wolfie3000 02:26 26 Mar 2009

"There is aliens in it so if your a Anti UFO person avoid it!"

I hope that's not a spoiler as im going to see this film soon and don't want it ruined.

The trailer reminds me of another Nicholas Cage film called National Treasure: Book of Secrets,
Lots of secrets and twists, i love those types of films especially the DaVinci code.

As for this new film well its sort of based in fact,
Fact as in there is some conspiracy theorists that are looking at codes written in holy texts that predict the future.

click here

A friend of mine got into it a few years back, its interesting stuff but i don't beleive in it at all.

Lets hope Knowing is a gripping tense film like his others.

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