Know a Good Builder?

  oresome 19:02 17 Apr 2008


"The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has accused 112 construction companies of rigging bids for contracts."

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Note the number, not one or two, but 112! Is this a record for corruption within an industry?

  MAT ALAN 19:08 17 Apr 2008

Know a good builder?

BOB!! As far as the corruption goes probably endless!!!

  anskyber 19:09 17 Apr 2008

What I find interesting is it puts other corruption episodes into perspective.

I think the market place should largely be left to find its own level apart from where legislation clearly demands control.

This example shows that the simple pursuit of profit does not give honest answers and regulation is inevitable and absolutely required.

I'll wager a few pounds that if this was a public sector scandal we would see a torrent of indignation. I'll sit back and watch.

  laurie53 20:33 17 Apr 2008

Let's hope they get pursued as diligently as BAe are over the Saudi contract, which at least kept some jobs in the UK.

  spuds 23:11 17 Apr 2008

I wonder why people get alarmed about this type of practise?

  peter99co 23:41 17 Apr 2008

Because it is costing the taxpayer over a £billion in costs which are illegal.

How would you know when an estate of houses were built if the Builder that had got the contract and been paid two million extra,because the other builders had priced themselves out of the contract on purpose.

If this kind of thing goes on all the time it is no wonder house prices are so high.

How many other fingers are in the pie when these contracts are awarded in the first place.

The councils put out tenders to find the best cost not some finger in the air figure dreamed up by a group of contractors who behave like gangsters.

It's only taxpayers money so it does not matter!

The Builders know how much the contracts cost and asking for a greater figure than neccessary is pure greed,more so if the other contractors are in on it.

  ened 06:42 18 Apr 2008

I wonder why people get alarmed about this type of practise?

How do we know it is not happening on a much smaller, local, scale?

  oresome 10:46 18 Apr 2008

I echo peter99co's comments and wouldn't be surprised if this is just the tip of an iceberg and the practise is happening on a smaller scale everywhere.

  spuds 21:32 18 Apr 2008

The point that I was trying to make, is that there is nothing new about this type of commercial enterprise. Its been going on for years and past records can prove this. As for councils selecting the best price for a contract,because it will save taxpayers money, then if you truly believe this, you do not know the real world of commerce and enterprise.

If you look on a smaller scale, how many people have perhaps required a 'tradesman' for a small home job, only to find none available, or offered a quote far in excess of a 'competitor', or not even bothered to turn up for that arranged appointment. Dare I say, that it could possibly come under the terms of the old pals act!.

Because the OFT have just published this article, doesn't mean that this practise as only just come to light. How did this particular case come to light, was it not through a whistle-blower!.

  Miros 22:20 18 Apr 2008

I worked mainly in the building trade or allied to it from 1949 onwards now retired, I think spuds is right it has always gone on in some form or other, it's illegal but try proving it, that's another matter.

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