Knighthood for Beckham?

  laurie53 08:45 12 Feb 2009

Rumours of a knighthood for Beckham.

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I have no views`about that, but Lady Beckham?

No way!

  ulrich 08:48 12 Feb 2009


  ronalddonald 08:54 12 Feb 2009

dont derseve any knigtiehood since he isnt a knight in shinnig armour or has acces to the king of the knights round table.

  newman35 08:56 12 Feb 2009

There are many people who got/get knighthoods for just 'pushing a desk' in Whitehall, so why not Beckham?

I have no great feelings about the man, or his wife, but he seems to me to have represented his country for many years with distinction.
I don't follow these football matters closely, but I'm not aware of any great 'scandals' surrounding him, or his wife, so what's the problem?

  jack 09:02 12 Feb 2009

High profile individuals, where one tend to think, They only play a sport, get paids lots, what did they do for the country?
Then dig a little deeper only to find that their 'Off pitch' activities, are what is all about- Charity/community work especially.
This is true to very often with 'Captains of Industry'
They are not all bought with Political donations.

  newman35 09:17 12 Feb 2009

Both the man and his wife appear to have many charities they support, he is a UNICEF ambassador among other things and she has many children's charities on her list - so they do seem to be qualified in that respect, then.

  newman35 11:18 12 Feb 2009

Suely not an attempt to get back to the thread on 'media and journalistic probity'??

I confess to knowing little about journalism, but reckon that fourm members account, above, of reporters does sound about right, though.

  johndrew 11:36 12 Feb 2009

At one time getting a knighthood meant the recipient had done something extraordinary for the country. Now, it appears, it is possible to get one for being negligent (as in the case of some bankers for example) or simply doing something you enjoy and pays a lot of money. Intelligence, care, ability and the selflessness simply doesn`t come into it.

  Legolas 13:30 12 Feb 2009

Well I am not a great believer in Knighthoods for "celebs" but I think DB is a great role model to children. He is a great professional and as far as I know from seeing him on telly he comes accross as a geniunely nice guy. If he were to get a KH I would'nt be bothered either way. After all the banking industry is littered with people who have received KH for running the country into the ground.

  newman35 13:34 12 Feb 2009

I must take issue with your view that "intelligence" is a knighthood requirement. Presumably then, only people with an IQ above a certain level are acceptable? Or how would you define 'intelligence'?

Trying to be fair, Beckham isn't necessarily the sharpest knife in the box, but, from what I have seen, he has been a good youth role model - no , drugs, drink etc. (but I may well be wrong, as I don't follow football closely).
However, compared to Archer, et al, he seems like a breath of fresh air.
Good Lord, it almost seems as if I'm proposing him, now!!

fourm member
Yes I did take your 'rumour' point, isn't that how all knighthoods are done, anyway???!

  Marko797 13:52 12 Feb 2009

There are many who have received knighthoods for doing much less than Beckham. Recipients of Olympic gongs, for example, may well have represented their country admirably, but what else did they do?

Then again, there are probably others who have done more, and not received a knighthood.

I'm therefore at a loss as far as knowing what merits a knighthood, and what doesn't. If he gets one, then he gets one; if he doesn't, who is going to lose any sleep over it?.

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