jakimo 08:49 14 Jun 2008

or the lack of them,means ladies without will be banned admittance to Ascot this year.

What intrigues me is how will those sharp eyed officials avoid arrest while looking for the evidence

  gengiscant 08:54 14 Jun 2008

I will volunteer to make sure that the correct dress code is being adhered to.
tough job I know,but someones got to do it.LOL.

  Mike D 09:46 14 Jun 2008

I volunteered for this, and started practising, my case comes up next week.

  Forum Editor 10:22 14 Jun 2008

That reminds me of the old showbiz joke.

Two actors meet - both have known better days, and one says to the other "Working?"

"Yes" says his friend, "I got the job of putting on the leg makeup for the girls in the chorus line"

"That sounds fantastic - what's the money like"

"Fifty pounds a week"

"Oh dear, that's not so great, is it?"

"No, but it's all I could afford".

  €dstowe 10:24 14 Jun 2008

Having been to Royal Ascot (not in the royal Enclosure but able to watch from a distance) it is obvious to me that the shocking state of inebriation that some of these posh women get into, the observation of knicker wearing (or otherwise) will be easy.

  mrwoowoo 19:43 14 Jun 2008

All the security guys have to do is to make sure their shoes are highly polished.

  Clapton is God 20:09 14 Jun 2008

For reasons best known to themselves, Americans refer to "trousers" as "pants" - which has a completely different meaning in the UK.

Pity then, the poor American secretary at the London office of a friend of mine who was tasked with arranging the printing and distribution of invitations to some very select clients for a very posh company dinner dance.

It was only AFTER all the invitations had been posted that one of the English bosses decided to check the wording. Imagine his distress, therefore, when he discovered that they all said:

"Dress Code - Dinner suits for gentlemen, ladies must not wear pants".

  Earthsea 20:32 14 Jun 2008

I knew a very sweet Lancashire lass once who called trousers pants, and would say brew instead of tea.

Pants is an abbreviation of pantaloons, which dates from the 16th century and comes from Pantalone, a figure from Italian comedy, who was a skinny old man who wore tight hose. It was adopted in the US in the 19th century.

  rossgolf 23:01 14 Jun 2008

maybe get the FBI in
Female Body Inspector lol

  Legolas 12:42 17 Jun 2008

Ughhh This is getting a bit pervy

  jakimo 17:31 19 Jun 2008

What surprised me was the ban is said to be the Queens idea.

I have just been watching the royals being transported in those spectacular horse drawn carriages down the Ascot racecourse,but somehow it doesn't seem right these days for so many to be topping there cap to so an insignificant few

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