Kitchen Nightmares Contestant Commits Suicide

  Dragon_Heart 00:42 30 Sep 2010

Gordon Ramsey's 2nd Kitchen Nightmares Contestant Commits Suicide click here

Why do the public like this man and others like him who have a reputation for being rude etc to people ? Anne Robinson is another example but I think her insults come off the autocue.

Is it good entertainment ?

Why do people enjoy watching others getting to look small and stupid, yes it happens in the workplace to everyday people but why watch it after you get home from work.

OK people enjoy boxing but at least some skill is involved.

  babybell 08:36 30 Sep 2010

It says his restaurant was in debt, this is why he got Gordon Ramsey on the show. In kitchen nightmares, Gordon helps turn around failing restaurants by telling them where they are going wrong. Yes he is harsh with the owners sometimes, but for their own good. Plus the article above does not say he killed himself because Gordon made him feel 'small and stupid'

To blame Gordon for this is extremely unfair.

  Legolas 08:59 30 Sep 2010

Agree with babybell a rather weak and unfair link between the two I think

  Legolas 09:00 30 Sep 2010

Should have said I also agree with Dragon_Heart I don't think this is entertainment

  spuds 17:05 30 Sep 2010

I note in media reports, that Gordon Ramsey had financial problems of his own, and closed some of his restaurants down.

Jamie Oliver seems to be doing alright though!.

  Forum Editor 17:56 30 Sep 2010

that there is any connection between Gordon Ramsey and this man's suicide is ludicrous. He faced a stupendous debt mountain when he appeared on the show three years ago, and I imagine Ramsay tried to offer advice - that's the whole point of the show.

The other person committed suicide a year after appearing on Hell's kitchen.

The link between Ramsay and these people was a tenuous one, it's a non-story, but then so many of these silly articles are.

  jakimo 18:05 30 Sep 2010

How you can connect a 2007 Gordon Ramsey "Hells Kitchen" programme to this mans 2010 suicide is beyond

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:46 30 Sep 2010

Ramseys' advice is usually spot-on. His suicide was well past the shows recording. 'nuff said.


  Dragon_Heart 02:56 01 Oct 2010

"How you can connect a 2007 Gordon Ramsey "Hells Kitchen" programme to this mans 2010 suicide is beyond" I did not the article did !

My question was :-

Is it good entertainment ?

Er GANDALF <|:-)> when did you promote yourself to God !

  Noldi 06:12 01 Oct 2010

Is it good entertainment ?

I find it a bit more entertaining than a lot of shows even though I would not set my schedules around watching it, if nothing else is on and I have nothing better to do. It is a bit like the X Factor watch people making idiots of them selves. These people put them selves up to be ridiculed they are not press ganged off the street.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:15 01 Oct 2010

Yes, the show is very good entertainment as Ramsay is usually spot-on. The fact that someone decides to top themselves 3 years after filming is totally irrelevant.


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