Kinnock Backs Blair For President of Europe

  jakimo 17:11 15 Jul 2009

Is he going to get what he always wanted?

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  ened 18:28 15 Jul 2009

Methinks she has not only jumped the gun but also not done his chances much good either!

Since it doesn't look as if we are going to get a General Election before October I am just praying for a No vote from the Irish in their SECOND referendum.

  peter99co 19:01 15 Jul 2009

Very democratic this EU thing. Who voted for him?

  JanetO 09:30 16 Jul 2009

Tsk, tsk. Another greedy b just like the Kinnock brood wanting to make lots of money for nowt.

  n4165si 16:04 16 Jul 2009

Kinnock should be aware that her views are not ours ,i should be surprised if Europe would have a man like this who would get them into no end of scrapes.
They are not as naive as this labour party

  Bapou 16:21 16 Jul 2009

Daily Mail Comment say's it all as far as I'm concerned:

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  jakimo 16:35 16 Jul 2009

Of course in reality no such job exists (yet)but he would have his supporters when the time comes.GB has just announced that he would endorse Blair as a suitable candidate

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  Forum Editor 18:49 16 Jul 2009

who should get the job, then?

  rickf 22:21 16 Jul 2009

Blair President of Europe, God forbid!!!

  lofty29 14:17 17 Jul 2009

lets face it it will be a figurehead job only, though why should he make even more money out of the hapless public god only knows

  ened 14:28 17 Jul 2009

"lets face it it will be a figurehead job only"

Don't be so sure.

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