Kinloss Closes.

  morddwyd 08:02 29 Jul 2012

  Quickbeam 08:04 29 Jul 2012


  Quickbeam 08:06 29 Jul 2012

Or have I got to walk down to the papershop:)

  morddwyd 08:09 29 Jul 2012

No idea why that posted before I'd written anything, or without a tag!

Over the years I've seen many of the stations on which I served close, in fact all of them, but I felt more emotional watching the ensign come down at Kinloss than any of the others.

I was only there for a year, 65 - 66, and while it was a happy station so were many of the others, but for some reason this one struck home.

  morddwyd 08:13 29 Jul 2012
  interzone55 09:01 29 Jul 2012

Every company I've worked for has closed down soon after I've left.

Whether that's because they couldn't cope without me, or I left it in big a mess is open for debate :-)

  SparkyJack 09:35 29 Jul 2012

alan14 wrote

Every company I've worked for has closed down soon after I've left.

Me too- except the first one.

I left that for an extra 10 shillings a week and then over the years as I moved around, soon there after they closed or were taken over until eventually 20 years on the firm I was then working for got taken over by my first employer.

Were they trying to get me back I wondered, or simply trying to ger back at me? ;-}

  spuds 13:08 29 Jul 2012

But will it be the end, because in my location the RAF have just shut down a long standing establishment, after public protest. The government have had a rethink, and the camp is now going to reopen under control of the Army.

  amonra 13:43 29 Jul 2012

All I remember about Kinloss was freezing to death while awaiting my plane to be serviced. Horrible place, miles from anywhere and it rains 366 days a year .

  john bunyan 17:05 29 Jul 2012

I have a RAF Kinloss wall shield - An Eagle? holding a trident in it's beak, and the motto "Power to the Hunter". It was given to me when the unit I was with tested their defences once in the '70's. A great shame and I am sorry for all those who will lose their jobs. I assume Lossiemouth will be the relocation airfield?

  Bing.alau 17:27 29 Jul 2012

john bunyan.

I've recently given away about eight wall shields to the SNCO's Mess in HMS Eaglet (RNHQ Northern England). I just didn't want these things to end up in some side street in an OXFAM Shop.

I never spent any time in Scotland, but I know how morddwyd feels. They closed HMS Daedalus which I have many happy memories of serving in. I still have lots of tools (about £200 worth then, in a Pusser's' metal toolbox), which I bought from one of the store men for a tenner way back in 1965.

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