spikeychris 20:19 25 Oct 2009

I want to buy a Kindle - anyone got or used one?

click here

  Sapins 20:36 25 Oct 2009

Can I get an upgrade for my library ticket?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 25 Oct 2009

Personally I find that a paperback fits just as well in my pocket, doesn't strain my eyes as much, won't break if I drop it and I won't worry so much about losing it.


  Forum Editor 23:25 25 Oct 2009

I am also interested in one of these devices. I haven't used one, but I know someone who has, and she says it was fantastic.

I've emailed someone in America to ask if he'll send one to the UK - they don't seem to be available here - or do you have a source of supply?

  I am Spartacus 23:53 25 Oct 2009

Me too, it's going to be available in the UK click here

  Forum Editor 00:11 26 Oct 2009

that you can buy direct from Amazon's American site for £205, which includes an import deposit of £24.

Amazon predicts delivery to my UK address on 28th October. I'm dithering because I think I'll soon be able to get one here for quite a bit less.

  exdragon 07:55 26 Oct 2009

Here we go again - thwarted by the shiny new illuminated keyboard and currently trying to fight against convincing myself I want/need one of these... ;-)

FE - can you ban me from reading anything about new gear, please? I'm happy to stick with a discussion about coffee prices and the like!

  Chris the Ancient 08:14 26 Oct 2009

On tv, the other day, they were talking about these devices.

It would seem that, perhaps, Apple aren't far away from an iBook - or similar.

I should imagine that a device like that would do what the iPlayer has done for the music business. It may also mean a new 'definition' on applicable software and 'downloadability' in the range of books?

Maybe worth hanging on a little longer? It means having to put up with carrying around paper books for a little longer, though. :-\


  Legolas 19:05 26 Oct 2009

I know how you feel, I know I would not use a kindle but it is new, it is technology and....well...I just want one.

  Forum Editor 19:10 26 Oct 2009

Convincing yourself that you want something is usually a matter of a millisecond or so - at least it is in my case.

Convincing yourself that you need something is a little harder - sometimes you really have to be focused, and put all other matters aside.

Where technology is concerned it's probably best to give way to the 'want', and then settle down to telling yourself that you don't know how you managed without it.

  Forum Editor 19:15 26 Oct 2009

Let's all get one, and agree not to question each other too closely about how much we use it.

I've already convinced myself that it will be invaluable as a mobile research tool - completely overlooking the fact that I already have two laptops and a Netbook which I use for that.

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