Kind thought of the week.

  missingit 10:17 04 Jun 2007

This was in the Sunday Times and also my local paper last week.

Lights are being kept on at a disused school in Dalkeith,near Edinburgh,so that vandals don't hurt themselves when they break in.
"Some lights are left on during the winter months to protect potential intruders from hazards" said a council spokesman.

What next? leaving a window or door open,making sure there is nothing that a burglar can trip over laying about on the floor whilst he is robbing you.

  rezeeg 10:22 04 Jun 2007

The law governing trespass is a nonsense.

  Totally-braindead 10:54 04 Jun 2007

Personally I would be more in favour of making sure they did get injured rather than protecting them, might actually put them off breaking in if they did get injured, after all they are breaking in and as far as I am concerned anything which happens to them is their fault as they are the ones doing the breaking in.
Its like the nonsense you get in the courts " it wasn't my clients fault as he was off his head on drugs or drink at the time" how is that any sort of defence? He or she took the drink/drugs and therefore in my eyes are responsible for whatever happens. Only way I would accept a defence like that is if they were spiked by someone else, if they choose to take the stuff then they are responsible for what happens afterwards.
Same as breaking into the empty school. If they break in to an abandoned building and get hurt I won't shed any tears.
The law really is going too far, people are having to take ridiculous precautions to protect themselves in case they get sued. What next, lets have an area outside the school with free protective clothing in case the thieves get hurt.

  donki 12:07 04 Jun 2007

I wonder if the "National Accident Helpline" take these cases. I can see the advervisment now, "have u hurt urself entering a property where the light wasnt left on", "did the sound of the burgalar alarm cause damage to your hearing". Maybe they could even have a burgalar on telling his tail of woe.

Its rediculous, gives out a mesage that this behaviour is ok and that theift is not a major crime. Being a victim of theft on a number of occasions it sickens me that this is the case.

  Totally-braindead 12:30 04 Jun 2007

The trouble is donki that in some cases it goes to court and the criminal wins. What insanity is that.

  amonra 13:36 04 Jun 2007

Advice given to me by a friend who happens to be a policeman, make sure that any intruder/burglar injures himself after falling down the steps whilst making a hurried exit !

  Jak_1 16:30 04 Jun 2007

We were told the same thin when I lived in Plymouth and a pensioner was being mugged for her handbag. The lowlife tripped as he tried to make a getaway, his nose accidentally got broken as he bounced off the kerb for the second time. The pensioner was reunited with her hand bag and pension money but need to stay in hospital overnight with sutures to the back of her head.

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