Killing right out side my police station !

  mymate 18:01 10 Dec 2006

I am desperate to say more about this ,but the title says it all.The police station shuts at 6pm every night + this is the same police force that wouldn't go in to the house with the Barbecue shootings !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:06 10 Dec 2006

What on earth are you on about? What is your point?


  mymate 18:18 10 Dec 2006

I should think the poor guy was trying to make his way there,<he was 2 feet away >but its shut !
And if you call the police station no one answers the phone,whats the use of having a police station when its not open at night !
And when you try and call the police station no one answers the phone.
And with the barbecue murders,the police were to frightened to go in they were up the road with their bullet proof jackets on,,yet both the neighbours were in the house ,pleading for the police to go in.
In the Daily Mail ,someone wrote a letter about it and said "what next ? will the firemen not go to your house on fire in case they get injured !

  Totally-braindead 18:30 10 Dec 2006

Could you provide a link to the story you are refering to?

I presume from your second post you are angry/annoyed at the police station being shut. If so I completely agree with you. My local station, and it is a very large station not a sub station, is unmanned for a lot of the night. If you do get someone there you are lucky. All calls are routed to the nearest city who of course have no local knowledge. Quite pathetic in my opinion. But its cost cutting I suppose. I don't suppose I'd be too pleased if the police were sitting in their office all the time instead of being out on the beat. But up until a couple of years ago the control room was there and it was manned 24/7.
There was someone who collapsed almost a year ago about 200 yards from the station during the day and someone ran to the station to get help only to find it closed at dinner time and there was no one there. Fortunatly someone came past with a mobile phone and called the ambulance but sadly the man had died and nothing could be done.
I'm not saying that someone being there would have made any difference as he might have died anyway but it did delay the call for the ambulance.

  mymate 18:34 10 Dec 2006

click here
Link to the barbecue killings .
I was in that house the day before he shot them all.Its a long story,but the police got away with not going in to house .
The story with the guy being kicked to death has been on the BBC news.This is Henley-on-Thames.oxfordshire

  mymate 18:35 10 Dec 2006

Yes pattoo.Henley-on-Thames,we are not all posh here.there are some people who do go to work !

  Totally-braindead 19:01 10 Dec 2006

Having not been there I find it impossible to comment on the Police delay in going in. It could have been justified, I don't know because I wasn't there and its easy to say something about it after the fact.

I can only give an example on what happened to someone I know who was an acting Police Officer at the time but is now retired.

He was on his own in a small village as his partner was off with stress and had been off for some time. He received a radio call from the main station telling him there was a report of someone running about in a garden with a rifle and was told to investigate.
He requested someone else to back him up and was told there was no one available and he was to go anyway. He pointed out that if anything happened and he was unable to radio in he could get injured or even killed and said he had no problem going but wanted someone with him.
Again he was told no one was available and if something happened he could radio for assistance and they would send the traffic car if no one else was available at the time.
He pointed out that even if he was able to radio for help it could take 15-20 minutes for them to get there presumming they were reasonably close and half an hour or more if they were further away, and if he went he would have no witness as to anything that happened.
Again he was told to attend and when he refused again he was ordered to attend. He refused again and repeated that if another Police Officer was made available he would go but otherwise he would not, regardless of whether he was ordered to or not.
His superiors backed down and sent the traffic car and they did indeed find a guy in his garden with a shotgun. It was unloaded, he was arrested, charged and had his firearms licence revoked.
But things could have worked out entirely differently. What if the gun was loaded, what if one Police Officer went there and was shot and killed. People would naturally question why the officer was foolish enough to go without some sort of backup when he knew there was a report of a firearm being involved.

I'm just giving this as an example of the other side of the coin. Obviously I have no idea what happenned in this tragic case you mention. Perhaps the Police were over cautious I don't know but its easy to comment after the fact and say this should have been done or that should have been done. I did see mention of an enquiry and perhaps that will address the issue.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:13 10 Dec 2006

is like McDonalds closing for lunch! Law enforcement and protection of the public is (should be) 24/7.


  mymate 19:13 10 Dec 2006

But the neighbours were in the house and called the police 6-8 times,The were there but hiding up the road.the ambulance men wanted to go in,but the police stopped them going in.
The mother of the 2 girls who got shot was my best friend,i know all the story.I was in the same house on the saturday the day before the shootings.! 1 of the girls would have survived the shootings if the police went in,they had bullet proof jackets on,and was told repeatedly the gunman had gone !
Sorry but when the police look in to their their own mistakes ,they are always going to come out smelling of roses.
Look at the poor guy that got shot in the underground, they will or have,got off ,of that .

  egapup 19:20 10 Dec 2006

I haven't much faith in the police anymore, they have all the latest high-tec gear to catch people breaking the law in cars and that's all they really seem interested in.

  mymate 19:26 10 Dec 2006

I seem to here them with the siren on at 10.30 am every morning,i think its a rush to get somewhere for coffee.

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