killers on the roads

  lofty29 10:22 09 Mar 2008

Anybody seen the car crash news, convicted drunk driver who injured people several years ago, now killed 6 others on same road, driving like a lunatic. Last time given a couple of years probation, in spite of leaving the scene of the crash and being drunk. It is high time these people were banned for life, and thrown in prison, drink driving and injuring some one is in my opinion either attempted or actual manslaughter, and merits a mandatory sentence

  Forum Editor 11:46 09 Mar 2008

be 'attempted or actual manslaughter'? For one thing an injured person isn't dead, so there can be no charge of manslaughter.

My understanding is that a charge of manslaughter presupposes there was no intention to kill, in the light of which I have never understood how you can attempt manslaughter. If you attempt something you try to do it, and if you try to kill someone you are surely attempting murder?

The fact is, this man is dead - he was killed in the accident - so he'll be charged with nothing.

  barca1 11:51 09 Mar 2008


Hi yeah the probelm i think is the judges are well aware that the prisons are FULL!!
& the goverment DOESNT want to spend anymore money opening new prisons
i am not sure what the solution is BUT i think like the americans do where they get them to do "Hard" labour in a mine or something like that will make them think twice about RE-commiting instead of them having tv & pool tables its "Home from Home" to some of them..its a tricky subject BUT he should of been given clearly a harder punishment than so called "probation" the system stinks & it is evident its not working..some these judges clearly are to placid with these offenders...they she be a catogorisation when they re commit like three ticks,the first one is 2 years hard labour then the next 2 years hard labour & have no comforts like access to pool tables dvd players etc then if they commit a third time there is clear prrof they dont want to lean just throw the book at them & give em very hard labour with no luxuries & almost NO contact with other prisoners & after 5 years they WILL lean or the suffer more..SIMPLE...this of cause is just my thoughts on the system...

  barca1 11:53 09 Mar 2008

i didnt read the story & i didnt know he was killed in it...end of story realy...his stupidity get the better of him & unfortunatly some other poor soul's god bless them(Excluding the idiot)

  barca1 11:56 09 Mar 2008

here's the story...

click here

  lofty29 12:11 09 Mar 2008

I used the term attempted manslaughter because, I could not think of a better term to define the seriousness of the charge as it should be, I am well aware of the distinction between manslaughter and murder, as I am well aware that the person who caused the crash being dead cannot be charged. Perhaps we should adopt something after the style of the american system of having different degrees of murder. However if a much more serious charge and punishment had been imposed originally then there would have been a good chance that these victims would not have suffered.
I think you are referring to the american system of "three stikes and you are out", whereby a third serious criminal offence results in a life sentence. I certainly agree with you that prison life in this country is far too lenient, also tat prisoners and criminals "rights", are given much more prevalence over victims rights. I am one of the "HANG EM HIGH" brigade

  Archieboy 12:25 09 Mar 2008

there is no excuse for drink driving at all, the amount of tv campaigns from the home office and the fact that it is common sense, i believe that drink driving where no one is harmed should warrant a ban of at least two years, if someone is injured or worse killed as a result of someone drink driving then ban for life and minimum sentence of ten years. there is no excuse for it really is there.

  johndrew 12:54 09 Mar 2008

Unfortunately the death toll is now seven as the aunt who was in the back of the Passat has now died.

It would be really excellent if those who were banned from driving or had no licence could some how be `programmed` not to drive. Perhaps the expenditure on ID cards should be used for such a function as this.

  spuds 13:08 09 Mar 2008

How can you ban someone from driving, if they have been banned numerous times in the past. Never held a driving licence or vehicle insurance and tax. The vehicle that they use is either a MOT failure or perhaps 'borrowed.

I know of at least two people and more, who fit the above description. And they make it quite clear (in or out of court/prison) that nothing is going to stop their enjoyment and essential pleasures (death maybe or a burden on NHS services!).

  Quickbeam 13:09 09 Mar 2008

"Hi yeah the probelm i think is the judges are well aware that the prisons are FULL!!"

But they still find room for old & frail council tax rebels...

  Forum Editor 13:32 09 Mar 2008

We can certainly talk about different degrees of murder, but that isn't going to help the debate about drink-driving. If you kill someone when you're driving over the limit it isn't murder because there is no intent to kill.

The charge would be manslaughter. Murder is defined as a killing of another human being with malice aforethought, and is a form of homicide...which gets us back to the subject of degrees. The extent of the malice, and the forethought involved can vary, and thus some people think the 'degree' of the murder can vary. On the other hand, killing someone deliberately is surely the worst of crimes, no matter how much or how little you hate him or her.

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