Kids' stab-proof school uniform

  dukeboxhero 15:59 14 Aug 2007

click here has it got that bad that kids need stab-proof uniforms? i know parents want to protect there children but will it make the childred afraid to go out and play?, im also worried that some neds might want to see how stab-proof these uniforms will be.

  Brumas 16:42 14 Aug 2007

I am not trying to trivialise this rather sobering headline when I say, aren't I glad I was born in 1948 when the only stabbing one might experience at school would be the rather scary BCG inoculation administered to us pupils by the rather rough nurse!

  octal 16:46 14 Aug 2007

Good vintage that year.

  octal 16:49 14 Aug 2007

Madness, the most scariest thing when I was at school was the school bully, luckily I could run faster than him.

  Cymro. 17:02 14 Aug 2007

It just goes to show what a sad state of affairs things have come to. I can`t see these stab-proof uniforms coming in to general use.

There are greater dangers to our children from other things such as traffic accidents etc. It is the silly season and the news papers have little else to write about. It makes as good a story as any for the Sun and other such like newspapers.

  Totally-braindead 17:10 14 Aug 2007

What will they bring out next full body armour?

I know things have gotten worse or at least seem to be worse but if the kids actually got punished properly for breaking the law, whatever it might be they do they might think twice. The sad state of affairs is they are well aware that if they are caught commiting any sort of crime them will not be punished, they might get tagged or subject to a curfew but what happens if they break it? Nothing.
Theres a proper little scumbag who lives a couple of streets over from me, hes 15 now but amongst the things he has done are, breaking and entering, burglary, all sorts of stealing, vandalism, 2 or 3 cases of assault, 2 breach of the peace orders because he threatened to stab one person and threatened to burn another alive together with their family and thats only the ones I know about.
He has a Social Worker and is subject to a curfew but most of the recent crimes he has commited have been done when he was meant to be at home under curfew but he ignores it. What do they do when they catch him? Take him home because hes 15.
Whats the point in contacting the Police, they can't do anything about him and they must be as sick of him as anyone else.
If he had been given a proper punishment after the second incident then perhaps that would have given him a shock and perhaps he might then decide not to reoffend. As it stands he believes that no matter what he does nothing will happen, and hes not wrong there either.
I know that eventually things will catch up on him but in the meantime hes going about ruining other peoples lives and thats not right.
This sort of individual is the reason that kids get stabbed and is the reason some parents buy this sort of thing armour in the first place, they are fearful for their children because they know that there are people like this who feel they can do as they please wandering about looking for trouble.
He should be off the streets and if he and the others like him were off the streets then parents wouldn't feel they had to buy something like this.

  €dstowe 17:11 14 Aug 2007

Won't this just encourage the school bullies who will be gasping to prove that the stab-proof clothes don't do as they claim?

  lisa02 17:17 14 Aug 2007

Probably €dstowe.

  hereford456 17:18 14 Aug 2007

What a great invention kevlar is.
Sadly all protection like this has a weak spot & those wanting to exploit this will soon find out where it is.

  rodriguez 19:46 14 Aug 2007

The weak spot is probably the neck or the face. Instead of being stabbed in the guts, kids will now probably get their throats cut or have their faces slashed as this is where there is still no real protection. You get these sort of problems by where I live, it's mainly kids but the parents of the kids behave just as bad so you can see where it comes from. Most of the stuff round here is vandalism, street brawls, burglary etc. Weapons are mainly just for scare, but they have been used before (my neighbour was stabbed before when he left the pub). One guy even tried to sell me a wrap of heroin in the pub once. Police are around sometimes but not much gets done about it. It's the kids that are worse because they can get away with it, but you can see that it comes from their bad parents. Just wait till today's generation of kids have kids and they grow up...I predict chaos unless something is done.

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