Keyboard Skills

  Dan the Confused 21:29 14 Mar 2005

As part of a one year business course I did a few years ago I learnt to touch type, and can generally type up to 50wpm. My mum, a legal secretary (semi-retired), who has received no formal training types at around 60wpm.

Keyboard usage these days has become as common as pen and paper, so I'm interested in knowing what other members' skills are like?

  jolorna 21:39 14 Mar 2005

i tried to learn touch typing at a centre a couple of years back but i found it very hard couldn't seem to bend my fingers to go up down and sideways your mum would be better because she would have learnt using a typwriter where you would have a defined step up and down unlike a computer keyboard which is almost flat even tried a free internet touch typing program but brain to finger's would always let me down so maybe about 20 words a min is my target

  fred 21:46 14 Mar 2005

Self taught many years ago on a typewriter. Very slow but too set in my ways to change now.

  justme 21:56 14 Mar 2005

I have never actually measured my typing rate but over the years I have developed my own system of typing. It is a combination of touch typing with a quick glance to find some of the keys.

What I can say is that generally I can type as fast or faster than I can write and the result is a lot more legible even if I do make the odd spelling mistake.

Jolorna, I would suggest that you go to piano lessons as this will teach you to use both hands and you will learn to bend your fingers so that you use the tips (nails) of your fingers rather than the soft fleshy part of the fingertips. I can't say that this will be a quick fix however as it usually takes several years to learn to play the piano:-))

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:10 14 Mar 2005

Utterly dire.


  wiz-king 22:14 14 Mar 2005

hence the missing letters on ocasions.

  dangerusone 22:20 14 Mar 2005

but I can still type faster than I can write

  smokingbeagle 22:31 14 Mar 2005

but can play guitar ;-)

  DrScott 06:47 15 Mar 2005

Taught myself to touch type at university with a program I got online a fair while ago. Never looked back since!

  Fellsider 11:39 15 Mar 2005

Haven't tried to estimate how fast I type BUT....

I have used keyboards for over 30 years and just got quicker the more I used them - still use two fingers!.

Like dangerus1 I can type faster than write and at least it can be read!!

  Shas 11:42 15 Mar 2005

Touch typing, learnt along with shorthand at secretarial college back in 1967, (I was only young!) We started out on typewriters that wouldn't look out of place in a Miss Marple episode, gradually progressing to golf ball IBM's.

I found that what took the most getting used to over the years, was a flat keyboard after the graduated slope of a regular typewriter.

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