Kensington house for sale (£13 Million)

  Uboat 07:48 28 Feb 2011

Well being labeled the most expensive street in Britain i just had to look what we was getting for our buck!

i saw this house for sale to the public for £13million i realy have to say looking at the garden and how tiny it is (Pics at the bottom of the page)and the house isnt anything outstanding although has some large rooms i wonder how much the same house would be worth if it was in another city? £400k/£500k...i think its a street that is well over priced & i know there is much better places in the uk i personaly would rather spend £13000000 on..

& here is the deal!

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:55 28 Feb 2011

I'm afraid your lack of knowledge concerning house prices and achieved selling prices in London is glaringly obvious.


  Uboat 07:59 28 Feb 2011

GANDALF i totaly agree! it is, but then i for the life of me regardless of its location think its a place truely overpriced.

  wiz-king 08:39 28 Feb 2011

Just wait a while, Gaddafi's house in London will be for sale soon.

  Quickbeam 08:59 28 Feb 2011

A measly £1 million would by that in my town... and you'd get several grand in change back!

  spuds 09:28 28 Feb 2011

Try looking for house building space in Hong Kong, and see what the square metre costs there ;o)

The only way there is usually upwards?.

I do believe that they are building second homes for the rich, in perhaps the Cotswold area with a starting price of about £2m.

Glad I bought my humble abode many years ago. A very good up and down investment, perhaps!.

  interzone55 09:29 28 Feb 2011

I've got to say that the kitchen is bigger than most of the houses in my town, but a quick look at Right Move suggests that £995k would probably cover it in most parts of Britain.

What you've got to understand though is that logic has no baring on house prices, especially in London.

Take a look at the new flats near Hyde Park, they make this house look a bargain...

  Uboat 09:46 28 Feb 2011

alan14 have a gander at this: click here

  MAJ 10:18 28 Feb 2011

I like visiting London but I wouldn't like to live there, not least, because of the amount of energy I have to expend to generate a decent lather every morning, but to a particularly well-heeled someone who likes to be at the heart of things, 13 million might seem like a bit of a bargain.

  interzone55 11:27 28 Feb 2011

That's based on average prices for sales last year - for truly obscene house prices you need to move to One Hyde Park where £13m will probably get you a dog kennel

click here

  jakimo 11:58 28 Feb 2011

Its the postal address that inflates the price

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