Keeping the Wolf from the DDoor

  laurie53 09:26 10 Feb 2009

I see the Duke of Sutherland has been paid £50m, including £12.5m of taxpayers money, for one of his paintings.

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That should help out in these recessionary times.

Perhaps the government could be persuaded to give a few million to keep other foreign works of art in the country, like footballers!

Oh I forgot.

It's alright to subsidise elite art, but not elite sport.

  oresome 09:35 10 Feb 2009

The sportsman does have a shorter shelflife, so perhaps not such a good investment.

  carver 09:35 10 Feb 2009

Don't knock it, he sold these to raise money for himself and it's kept a lot of art treasures for the public to enjoy.

If you look at the amount of tax he has paid you will see why he's had to do this.

And why mention footballers, overgrown, over paid idiots with egos bigger than a house.

  laurie53 19:35 10 Feb 2009

I have no objection to him selling his entire collection if he so wishes.

What I do object to is having my tax used to pay his!

I, too, can appreciate the wonderful work we humans are capable of, and that includes Tornado, which didn't get much of a subsidy.

I'm afraid I'm one of those grumpy old so-and-sos who think that art (as in galleries), opera and ballet, all of which I enjoy, get a bigger share of any money available than some of the more mundane pleasures.

  Forum Editor 23:06 10 Feb 2009

between a world which contains wonderful works of art which I may rarely, if ever, get to see and the sort of small-minded, vindictive, jealous place which Mr Davidson MP seems to favour, I know the choice I would make."

Precisely. I would not want to be part of a society that decided it couldn't afford to display great works of art in public galleries. Go down that road and we would all become several shades greyer and many degrees duller.

Comparing a Titian masterpiece to a footballer in terms of artistic merit is just about the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard.

  laurie53 08:27 11 Feb 2009

"Comparing a Titian masterpiece to a footballer in terms of artistic merit is just about the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard."

I didn't.

I compared them in terms of subsidies from taxpayers money. My "work of art" tag was simply a nod to those who do consider football a work of artistic merit. Their opinion (which is not mine) is as good as anyone else's.

Saying that this is a great work of art illustrates`my point exactly. While a large number would agree with you, - including me, I think it's magnificent - there are many whose tastes fall in a different area of art.

As usual, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it is the beholders who should pay to see that beauty.

I just think that in these straitened times there are better things to do with £12.5m than give it to the Duke of Sutherland.

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