Kazakhstan v England

  bluto1 19:42 06 Jun 2009

Although England won 4 - 0 I;d say Kazakhstan are to be applauded for putting England on the rack in the first half. It will hopefully teach the English team not to be so arrogant, or feeling they only need to turn up to win the match. I sometimes despair of them when they're playing so called "minnows"

  nangadef 20:07 06 Jun 2009

Sometimes it's more difficult to play against so called "minnows". Look how many top teams fall to them each year in the FA cup.
England did what they had to do - win.

  bluto1 21:12 06 Jun 2009

Quite right, they did.

  Si_L 22:22 06 Jun 2009

Sure we can applaud K'stan for having a good first 30 minutes and keeping the scoreline respectable, but when did the team ever show arrogance and feeling they only need to turn up to win? Its people like you who have labeled them like that, and the media hasn't helped either.

End of the day, a poor performance, but that was all it took to get 4-0 it seems.

  bluto1 22:57 06 Jun 2009

Thanks for your input. You are so wrong to group me with the media.
Your attitude is a bit immature in my mind. I've played football at the highest levels, English Div.1 and previously Combined Services, who in my opinion were far better than Div 1 and I know when a team are going onto a field expecting a win. I've a 1st Division championship medal and a Cup winner's medal. Neither came from expecting to win. A lot of England's wins appear to . Good Night.

  Si_L 23:20 06 Jun 2009

There is a big difference between expecting a win and, in your own words, being arrogant and thinking they only need to turn up to win.

It doesn't matter what level you've played football to, that doesn't swing the issue at all.

  mrwoowoo 00:07 07 Jun 2009

At the end of the day it all came down to fitness.
Kazakhstan started at 100mph, as it was(in their words) the biggest match of their lives.So they ran out of steam due to their over enthusiasm and naevity.
I imagine the premierships level of trainer is far better than theirs technically and stamina wise.
I'm not complaining at all as the table shows a very impressive qualification campaign.I think we would moan more if we played well but lost due to poor finishing.
Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

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