Just why do we bother ...

  Jak_1 15:36 01 Jun 2007

having a law banning the use of mobile phones whilst driving if the police will do nothing about it?
I was driving out of the carpark of a well known supermarket closely followed by a man in a huge Mitsubishi 4x4, telephone in right hand and a police van sat near us, with a clear view of the driver. They saw him but did nothing, nor did they when a blackcab went past them, driver again with phone in right hand glued to his ear and passengers in the back!
What bothers me is that there were many families with small children about who could have been knocked down by these two drivers. Unfortunately I was on my own in the car so could not get the registration of any of the 3 vehicles.

  ventanas 16:02 01 Jun 2007

Have your mobile phone on and in your hand so you can photograph the number plates.

Just joking, I agree with you. I was behind someone the other days who was using his phone and literally making "S" shapes as he drove along a busy dual carriageway. But it probably wouldn't be this idiot who got hurt if he did have an accident.

Perhaps the police at the scene were engaged in something more important at the time.

  spuds 18:12 01 Jun 2007

Perhaps you could write a letter to the Chief Constable of the district the offences took place, regarding the action of the occupants of police van.

Remember though, the supermarket car park and possible feed road could well be classed as private property. Also the police van may have been driven by a civilian driver plus crew, with no authority to stop another vehicle!.

  Jackcoms 18:17 01 Jun 2007

"a blackcab went past them, driver again with phone in right hand glued to his ear and passengers in the back"

If I'd been one of those passengers I'd have told the driver to put the phone away NOW or stop the cab

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:22 01 Jun 2007

So would I.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:50 01 Jun 2007

There is a rather obnoxious person who lives nearby who has not taxed his car in 2 years and drives it blatantly around. He has been reported 6...yes, 6 times, to the DVLA website and nothing has been done. It has been reported to Plod many times and all they say is that they do not deal with car tax any more...I find this hard to believe as they seem ultra keen on speeders and lecturing ad inf. on how law abiding motorists should be. He obviously can have no MOT as well.

There are adverts on TV at the moment saying that untaxed cars will be scrapped...cobblers I say.


  knockin on 19:40 01 Jun 2007

"not taxed his car....reported to Plod many times and all they say is that they do not deal with car tax any more"
I believe that this would render insurance invalid which would make it a criminal offence wouldn't it?

However I understand that there are measures afoot for government to make the investigaton of illegal activities the responsibility of the girl guides in order to free the police up todo paperwork

  jack 19:46 01 Jun 2007

I also see in our supermarket car park on a regular basis a females shopper carrying out the following actions is this order.

1. load the car and simply abandon the trolly,
2. get in car
3. start up
4. back out of the bay and whilst lighting up and then getting on the phone.
So why not light up , have phone conversation , in a relaxed manner then drive home, and Oh yes put the trolly away in its proper place.
The world would be a better place me thinks if people just slowed down a bit. Perchance they would live a little longer too.

  Jak_1 19:54 01 Jun 2007

Supermarket approach drives and carparks are classed as public highway and come under the same rules for driving offences commited on any other road, ie driving wrong way round their one way system.
The police in the van were wearing uniform. Where this happened is a very busy juction and notorious accident blackspot. Without having the police van registration number then I feel I would be wasting my time writing to the Chief Constable.

  [email protected] 19:59 01 Jun 2007

also, if it was between the hours of 0800 and 1600 i think you'll find they were on doughnut break.

  spuds 23:14 01 Jun 2007

"Supermarket approach drives and car-parks are classed as public highway". Not so, and if you check with the local council's highways and planning department they will provide the necessary information, as to what is public and private. Closing these car-parks (on say) Christmas day and perhaps evenings or having access barriers plus displaying 'their own' signs regarding rules and regulations, space and ground markings will confirm this is private property owned by the supermarket or development company.

People driving police vehicles in uniform are not necessarily police officers, they can be police employed civilians ie PCSO,SOCO, Vehicle Examiners.Driving Instructors,Road Safety Camera Teams etc.

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