Just wandering, whats does Bump mean??

  Bob The Nob© 18:15 01 Nov 2005

I've been reading posts here for a long time and i have wandered what bump means, some people use it in a post??


  De Marcus™ 18:17 01 Nov 2005

It just means a user 'bumps' their thread to the top of the list, whereby it will get more attention than those at the bottom.

  ade.h 18:22 01 Nov 2005

We also use "refresh"

  Forum Editor 18:25 01 Nov 2005

you can use pretty well any means to get your thread back to the top of the page - some people simply put a symbol, like ^ or even just a full stop. A while back the word 'refresh' was popular.

Whichever method you decide on, please don't so it too often. We're not keen on having threads continually refreshed like this,and most threads will be posted to before they slip off the front page anyway.

  Jackcoms 18:26 01 Nov 2005

And I'm just wondering where you're wandering. ;-)

  Bob The Nob© 20:53 22 Nov 2005

Sorry got lost with my words!! I think I wandered too far!

  FUl2tiV3 22:23 22 Nov 2005

couldn't resist
gets coat

  pj123 16:26 30 Nov 2005

bump. Here it is again just so that you may like to tick this thread as resolved.

If you still don't understand and would like more info please ask.

  IPA 17:34 01 Dec 2005

bump. no tick yet?

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