Just relieving frustration!

  Sapins 14:39 26 Nov 2004

I recently visited the Uk and bought a motherboard bundle from Novatech to upgrade my system. I also visited Refresh computers in Portsmouth and bought a perspex case + PSU and various cables etc: When I unpacked the case I found two corner posts were damaged so I rang Refresh who posted replacements on Thursday 18th. I have not received them and today Refresh agreed to post two more this evening, which, seeing as how they do not normally deliver to France, is very good of them.

Does anyone know if there is a problem in the UK with the postal service?

I say UK because on Wednesday this week at 4.30pm I ordered, from click here an extremely good site in France which has an English version, some more bits for my new case, by 4.35pm I had a tracking number for the parcel saying it had been dispatched and it arrived at lunchtime today, so I am presuming the delay for my parcel from the UK is down to problems there.

It's been very frustrating having all the bit's to build my new all singing/flashing system and having to wait so long for delivery of vital replacements.

The time hasn't been wasted, I have visited about forty twelve sites and read umpteen articles on modding but I want to get on with it:-(

The French site I mentioned above can certainly teach some UK sites a thing or two about service, with value for money, in the European Community. They also deliver outside of France and their p&p charges are very reasonable.

So, if anyone who has helped me with my "New" system reads this, I hope to be building it next week!

  smudge101 18:45 26 Nov 2004

"Does anyone know if there is a problem in the UK with the postal service?"

How long have you got? Lol :-)

  Sapins 19:05 26 Nov 2004

Bad as that then:-(

  paddyjack 19:58 26 Nov 2004

I regularly post parcels to my daughter in Spain 10 days to 3 weeks is about the norm, you still have a bit of time. Where the fault lies who knows, letters are not a lot better.

But CD Wow 5 days.

Work it out if you can!

  Technotiger 21:00 26 Nov 2004

Hi, at least you didn't get the items from Computer Xroads in Portsmouth, they have just 'called-in' the Receivers!! And as smudge101 says - how much time have you got:-)(

  Sapins 21:01 26 Nov 2004

We're only half way to Spain so 5 to ten days? and please no puzzles, it'll make me worse:-(

  Sapins 21:02 26 Nov 2004

I'd like to be a receiver. LOL

  Forum Editor 21:28 26 Nov 2004

and my experience is that their postal service is about the same as ours - sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not good. I don't think there's much difference between the two quite frankly.

It's very tempting to whinge about the inadequacies of British service industries - the post, the telephone, Refuse disposal, health service etc., etc., but I sometimes think we should stop to consider how we really compare with other countries. I regularly travel to quite a few countries because of the work I do - in Europe, America and Asia, and in my opinion we're pretty lucky in lots of ways. Our postal service is certainly as good as that which is available in most of the countries I visit, and a lot better than in some of them.

  kev.Ifty 21:39 26 Nov 2004

So your not part of Interpol then?

I thought You said you were coming to England to investigate a 'Case' and it was 'Blue'.

I thought you were with the Vice Squad. I was going to ask............. Did you 'CRACK IT?'(The Case that is)

Sounds like someone may have. ;-)

Can't wait to see the pics, etc....


  Sapins 22:50 26 Nov 2004

Forum Editor, I had read somewhere that there were some areas where the Post office were on strike, I have had just as good service from them as La Poste, although no option to track a parcel.

Like it kev.Ifty, I hope I'll be on the case next week:-)

  Sapins 09:34 27 Nov 2004

Having had a good nights sleep I reflected on your reply and I would like to add that it might not be such a good idea for those living in the UK stop and consider how they _really_ compare with other European countries, I can only speak for France after living here for 15 years and, without getting into a "they do it better than you" discussion, any research will show up large discrepancies in the *services* provided and I can make out a very good case for the Telephone, Electricity, Water, Health Service and the Refuse Disposal service being superior, to say nothing of the attitude of people towards each other, on foot and on the road. No doubt others will have their opinions on other countries.

I also do not agree, if you were referring to me, that I was whinging when I _asked_ if there was a problem with the post, i.e. strikes! There is no way I can find out which side of the channel the fault lies and that is a failing that should be addressed.

There, I've gone on more than I intended and I will not comment further on non computer related issues.



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