Just received this rant

  seedie 15:58 13 Dec 2006

from another forum (investment) and I suspect is was pasted form yet another. Anyway here it is:

Subject: Road pricing
Democracy in action?

The government's proposal to introduce road pricing will mean you having
to purchase a tracking device for your car and paying a monthly bill to
use it. The tracking device will cost about £200 and in a recent study by
the BBC, the lowest monthly bill was £28 for a rural florist and £194 for
a delivery driver. A non working Mum who used the car to take the kids to
school paid £86 in one month. On top of this massive increase in tax, you
will be tracked. Somebody will know where you are at all times. They will
also know how fast you have been going, so even if you accidentally creep
over a speed limit in time you can probably expect a Notice of Intended
Prosecution with your monthly bill.

If you care about our freedom and stopping the constant bashing of the
car driver, please sign the petition on No 10's new website (link below)
and pass this on to as many people as possible.

click here


  amonra 16:01 13 Dec 2006

1984 is not so far away !

  Z1100 16:12 13 Dec 2006

I believe many people make many unnecessary journeys in many types of transport, road, rail, air and see. I will happily pay a reasonable fee to use my car on the road. I would like that fee to abolish car tax in respect of road fees but I can't comment on other forms of transport because I do not have enough knowledge to do so.


  Monoux 16:33 13 Dec 2006

If Road Fund Licence & Petrol Duty were abolished then the proposal to charge by usage would probably get support from motorists. However IMHO this would almost certainly lead to more uninsured drivers and cars with no MOT being driven when in a dangerous condition than is currently the case.
Experience tells me that governments would keep RFL & PD and add this extra burden on the motorist. It would probably be more acceptable if the monies raised were spent on road improvements but I suspect as has been seen in the past that it will simply be used to top up the goverments coffers and frittered away again !!

  Cymro. 17:43 13 Dec 2006

Well something has got to be done about congestion and pollution from cars. Things just can`t go on as they are.

I am a driver and like every one I don`t want to pay more than I have to and I dare say that the system mentioned above is far from perfect.

So what is the answer? However it is done by whatever government happens to be in power at the time it is sure to cost the motorist even more than he is paying now.

As for this 1984 big brother business, that is sure to come one way or the other anyway. I dare say that we can and will all just have to live with it.

  Kate B 17:54 13 Dec 2006

Taxing road use is a good idea.

  PurplePenny 18:00 13 Dec 2006

Paying to use a road is not new. Many roads used to be toll roads.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:42 13 Dec 2006

I think road pricing is the wrong way to go.

Do away with the annual road fund license.

Require all vehicles to display an insurance disc and, where appropriate, an MOT disc. Stiff penalties for non-compliance.

Recoup the lost tax income by raising fuel tax.

Everyone would then pay according to what, where and how they drive.

  wee eddie 19:13 13 Dec 2006

It's the same thing and is progressive.

The bigger your car or the faster you drive the more you pay. It also costs money to sit in a jam so more drivers will attempt to travel at times of lower traffic density.

Come to think of it, treble the price of fuel, Forget the Annual Road Fund and require an Insurance Disk.

p.s I ride a cycle on the road. Have you seen the state of the pavements these days? Not fit to put a foot down and covered with dog dooos as well!

  [email protected] 19:48 13 Dec 2006

Surely the massive amount of tax we pay on fuel should be enough. This is the most relevent way to penalise people that are pouring pollutants into the air as the amount of fuel you use is directly related to the way you drive and the sort of car you drive.

  oresome 19:58 13 Dec 2006

Society is now geared to the car.

When I was young, my parents didn't have a car, but it wasn't considered a hardship.

School was less than half a mile away, there were shops at the end of every street, several cinemas within walking distance and a good bus and tram service to the city centre where a market provided all the goods necessary for the larger weekly shop.

The local swimming baths were within a mile or so and the park with bowling, golf and tennis facilities was literally across the road.

Two coach tour firms were within walking distance for an excursion on a Sunday for a special treat.

Now I can't get anywhere without the car, even though I live in the same city.

If cars are such evil things, we need a re-think of town planning.

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