Just make it a £100 fine

  carver 10:37 25 May 2013

I think I must be the only one but this is so annoying and should be banned texting and walking but now you can have a new app called CrashAlert to help save people from themselves.

What I want is an app that jams all mobiles while walking or crossing a road.

So sorry but if you cause an accident because of texting while walking you should be fined and the phone smashed to pieces , also it could solve one of f.m,s problems with A&E times.

  Aitchbee 11:22 25 May 2013

My mobile phone has a built-in safety feature, 'cos it's 'nae good' out-of-doors in daylight ... as one cannot discern anything on the screen. It's a tocca, made by Samsung; otherwise, it's a topnotch phone.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:41 25 May 2013

So what are you going to fine the people that text while driving?

  spuds 11:49 25 May 2013

Would this apply to people wearing earphones, and ignoring their surroundings or traffic presences?.

I live not far from a very busy road infrastructure, and the amount of times I have witnessed people clearly texting is on a daily basis. only the other evening at 'peak time' a young female caused a fairly large tailback in traffic, because she was totally unaware that the traffic in front of her had moved on. Was she to blame, not one bit of it, her texting or whatever was more important to her than the traffic conditions. I suppose this is most certainly not a once event for her even?.

  wiz-king 11:50 25 May 2013

I remember when you crossed the road to avoid someone apparently talking to themselves but now its so common I hardly notice it.

Perhaps its time for google glasses with a eyelid keyboard.

  Zak 12:02 25 May 2013


Your sunlight problem possibly solved by switching on and adjusting the Brightness in Display Settings.

  carver 15:03 25 May 2013

Fruit Bat "So what are you going to fine the people that text while driving?"

If it was up to me I would just have an instant ban on people who text and drive, it's more dangerous than drink driving.

  caccy 15:07 25 May 2013

Carver The way I would punish them would be to impound the vehicle. If they were found guilty the vehicle would be destroyed even if it was hired, borrowed or a company vehicle..

  Ex plorer 16:01 25 May 2013

6 Points on your license, caught again ban from driving for 6 months.

  kad292 17:19 25 May 2013

On many occasions as i address a bus stop i see someone lost in another world on their phone completely oblivious to my presence and only 'wake' up as i go past or miss their stop because they do not listen to the tannoy which calls each stop along the way as their head is firmly placed looking down on their phone.

A few nights ago i saw a mini-cab driver inching away from a set of lights whilst reading his texts not aware that the light was on red.

Would you be comfortable recording evidence of such acts and handing this to the police.? The police cannot be everywhere and CCTV is the same.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:09 26 May 2013

Would you be comfortable recording evidence of such acts and handing this to the police.?

Frankly, no. That doesnt mean to say that I wouldn't come foreward with details of a crime, but where do you draw the line? Hit and run? yes. stabbing/shooting etc? yes. Dangerous driving? maybe. Littering? Crossing the road while the lights are on green? How about someone taking pictures of their children in the bath?

At what point do we look around and realise that we have sleepwalked our way into a society like that which prevailed in east germany in the 60's and 70's, full of citizens spying on and ready to denounce their neighbours for the slightest infraction?

I feel sure that some would welcome such a move. They are the type that wear hi viz vests (always nice shiny new ones, mind, and always fastened up at the front), sometimes carry clipboards and digital cameras, and love to ban the most trivial of actions in the name of 'health and safety'.


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