Just had an email forwarded from a friend

  pj123 14:53 10 Jun 2008

You know the one. Forward this to all your contacts.

The most destructive virus yet. No anti virus program can stop it. etc. etc.

It has been running for quite a while now and it is a hoax.

I rang my friend and told him that it was a hoax and not to forward it anymore.

His response: "Yes I know, but it doesn't hurt anyway does it".

Yes, it does hurt. It clogs up the Internet with millions of emails for no reason.

  €dstowe 15:06 10 Jun 2008

Never underestimate the potential stupidity and selfishness of your fellow man.

  Pamy 15:44 10 Jun 2008

Now that you have enlightend him and us, I am sure we will all be more conciderate.

  pj123 15:52 10 Jun 2008

If you do get one of these emails forwarded to you, check it out first here:

click here

It keeps changing its name. Now called olympic torch.

or here:

click here

  jack 19:06 10 Jun 2008

Is not so much the warning itself - which may be valid or very often not and a Google will confirm which; which these people seldom think to do.
The reason I believe is the fact these same sender seldom to take the trouble to edit out the pages of previous recipients - A perfect crop to harvest.

If one is so minded it may be worth a reply back in this vein to point out the potential mischief their behaviour may cause

  pj123 11:49 11 Jun 2008

jack, exactly. I posted about this some time ago now.

I get lots of emails forwarded to me from others and they all have 100s of email addresses, which, if I wanted to, I could harvest and sell on.

I have tried to explain this to the people concerned but they don't seem to take any notice.

I always delete all other email addresses whenever I forward a message.

The friend in question is on AOL and he says that he cannot delete anything when forwarding?

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