Just followed the rules

  carver 13:35 18 Feb 2009

Why is that time after time when you see some thing about MP's and their expense allowance, the excuse is "but I was following advice".

Seems that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was only following rules and advice to claim over £116.000.00 click here

I don't think that I could become an MP if you have to leave your morals behind you,

  Clapton is God 13:45 18 Feb 2009

"but I was following advice"

Advice given by who?

"if you have to leave your morals behind you"

But, I thought that was the whole point of becoming an MP? ;-))

  carver 14:00 18 Feb 2009

Never looked at it from that point of view

  newman35 14:01 18 Feb 2009

would have been made up by MPs themselves, anyway. Not bad, wish we could all make up our own rules to suit ourselves.
Politics being dragged into the gutter, once again, I suspect.

  DippyGirl 15:43 18 Feb 2009

Will she be liable for CGT when she sells her "second home" ?

  DieSse 16:46 18 Feb 2009

She may have followed the rules, and followed the advice she was given.

She should also have known that from an ethical standpoint, what she did was selfish, against the public interest, and morally wrong.

That's a problem when taking your morals from books, of whatever shade.

As someone once said - it have been correct, but it wasn't right.

  DieSse 16:49 18 Feb 2009

Rules - rules- rules - rules,

For the guidance of wise men, and obedience of fools.

  DippyGirl 17:43 18 Feb 2009
  carver 18:21 18 Feb 2009

What annoys me is that she has put her sisters dwelling as her main residence, but she fails to mention about what happens when Parliament breaks up.

Now I do not know the exact figures, but for about 5 months of the year she must be at her second home,(Parliament doesn't sit) so for 7 months she spends her time between the 2 homes.

Even if she spends 4 nights a week in her sisters house it only works out at roughly 130 days per year.

This assumes that the house sits every Friday which rarely happens.

Now I've heard about creative accounting but even this stretches it a bit.

If I've got the maths wrong please tell me.

Unless her and the hubby and kids don't get on.

  Forum Editor 18:36 18 Feb 2009

to work this one out. Strip away all the sophisticated justification and prevarication - human nature has been exposed here.

There's an aspect of certain peoples' character that tells them 'it's legal, it may be morally wrong, but it's legal, so they can't touch you for it. Go ahead, dip your bread in.'

Now I'm not for a moment suggesting that Jacqui Smith is one of those people, I'm simply illustrating how some people might think, given a similar set of 'rules'. You know, and I know, and the man on the top of the number 13 bus knows when something doesn't smell quite 'right'. The whole thing can be cleared up very quickly of course - Jacqui can simply arrange to let the Standards Commissioner have a copy of the Metropolitan Police duty logs for her protection officers - they'll show quite clearly where she spent every night of her life since she became Home Secretary.

  perpetual motion 18:48 18 Feb 2009

Story goes it was her Neighbour that spilled the beans or her sisters neighbour, they approached David Cameron's party Via Email informing them & they (Neighbours) had a reply advising them to approach a newspaper which is what they did!!
This was "Airded" on BBC NEWS at 1800Hrs tonight...They siad that JS only stayed at that house THREE days a week...

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