Just checking My Postings

  pj123 19:39 28 Apr 2007

I have just been back 20 pages in My Postings to clear any threads I have made that could be ticked.

I was shocked at the amount of outstanding threads. I have now ticked all those that I could see, but if anyone spots one I have missed please let me know.

Thank you.

It is also amazing at the amount of other threads that are still "active". I went back as far as April 2006. I even found one posted by the FE in April 2006 that isn't ticked?

  Kate B 19:43 28 Apr 2007

Does ticking bump a thread automatically or does it leave it where it is? I've actually been very mildly irritated today to see old threads bumped just to say "I'm closing it now", though of course closing it is the right thing to do. Perhaps though it's best just to tick a thread resolved and leave it where it is?

  powerless 19:47 28 Apr 2007

The thread ticking is only good if everyone gets on board. This isn't so as we've all been 'guilty' of not ticking and as a whole I think it fails in part. Threads that are ticked and of those threads that do have a postive and working solution [to a problem]; it works. But it only takes one to tick a thread when a problem has not been resolved. I very rarely [in fact never] look for the tick as it sometimes never actually tells the true state of the thread.

  Kate B 19:49 28 Apr 2007

I have to say that unless it's a clear-cut thing like resolving a problem I don't care if threads are ticked or not. If they've run out of steam, they sink down the list, which surely tells you that they're over.

  anskyber 19:59 28 Apr 2007

I am pretty sure I have an unticked thread some where but I cannot find it.

My 25 pages takes me back to Xmas so it could be the thread I think I forgot (if that makes sense) is beyond Xmas. I should check more frequently.

In the perfect world there would be "your postings" and "your threads," to help; not a complaint, just an observation.

  laurie53 21:17 28 Apr 2007

I think ticking is more important on such forums as Helproom, so that people are not still searching for answers that have been found.

However, this forum is far more a discussion forum, and things rarely get "resolved" as such.

As Kate B says, they just sink to the bottom and die!

  p;3 23:11 28 Apr 2007

I have a lot of threads within my postings that seem to be completely abandoned; where has the originator gone to?WAS the problem REALLY a problem?

  Forum Editor 23:18 28 Apr 2007

is sometimes given more importance than is strictly necessary. It's great if resolved threads are ticked, but it's certainly not a disaster if they're forgotten.

I also find it slightly irritating when people post something like 'just ticking this as resolved' in a thread that died ages ago, thus bringing it back to the top of the page. Why not just tick it and leave it?

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