just another police murder

  ronalddonald 13:13 22 Jul 2010

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where they get away with it all the time, also known as the untouchables becasue they can kill who they like when they like since they seem to be above the law.

  ronalddonald 13:20 22 Jul 2010

I thinks its high time that all police officers wore cameras whilst they are on duty, show hat the camera recording can be used as evidence.

  egapup 13:29 22 Jul 2010

If Ian Tomlinson had done that to a police officer and the officer had died, Mr Tomlinson would have been thrown prison, absolutly no doubt about it.

  john bunyan 13:54 22 Jul 2010

" becasue they can kill who they like when they like since they seem to be above the law"

Are you serious? Clearly police are subject to the same law as the rest of us, and compared with most other countries I have lived in are excellent on the whole. Your prejudice on this is distressing. Obviously there are a few cases of abuse, but frankly my sympathy goes out to the PC who was blinded by the killer, Moat, rather than being obsessed with anti police rhetoric.

  Kevscar1 13:56 22 Jul 2010

Stop spouting drivil. While I do not agree eith the decision not to prosecute there is no way it was murder. The maximum possible charge would have been manslaughter

  bri-an 14:12 22 Jul 2010

Complete agreement with last two posts.

  interzone55 14:50 22 Jul 2010

So let me get this straight

In another post you're all for a police state and flogging muggers, but now you want all police locked up for reacting in a very stressful situation.

Please make your tiny mind up...

  greyballs 15:31 22 Jul 2010

just another police murder wow and i dont agree with the decision not to prosecute.
i seem to remember that this riot sorry protest had lots of media coverage used from public source ie phone cams ect showing so called police violence in particular a female rioter sorry protester getting a slap from a police bully,you must have seen it it was plastered on the news 24/7 just another small point all the material used by the media theirs or inparticular private source had been heavily edited before been aired.
plus the woman involved failed to turn up at court as did all the other so called witnesses i presume they just crawled back into there lair in wait for the next riot sorry done it again protest. to sum up the whole situation was aggresive and ugly and the attitude of the chap involved pushing his way through the police line looked very similar. oh and lets not forget the small matter of arson yep the RBS was put to the torch .so i also do not agree with the decision not to prosocute

  QuizMan 17:52 22 Jul 2010

I suppose we should not expect the family to agree with the decision and we understand their dissatisfaction, but in the absence of solid medical proof, it is difficult to see how the CPS could prosecute.

  tullie 18:23 22 Jul 2010

Are you serious?

  Forum Editor 18:30 22 Jul 2010

when they like since they seem to be above the law."

You're certainly not above the law, and if you post a sweeping statement like that again I'll delete it on sight.

Making serious allegations like this is both irresponsible and dangerous. You can libel a group of individuals in the same way you libel one person - unless you have concrete evidence that Police kill 'whoever they like' (and you don't) you could easily find yourself in court defending an expensive action for defamation.

Ours is a professionally operated, responsible web forum, and I'm not going to have you posting nonsense like this again. Please think carefully before posting, and don't make allegations you can't absolutely substantiate.

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