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  crosstrainer 11:47 02 Feb 2008

Wish the Ospreys the very best of luck against the "Old Enemy" this afternoon @ Twickenham :)

  MAT ALAN 12:11 02 Feb 2008

been a member of the ERSC for some time now and as a rugby supporter i was astounded when they actually posted their side, i am afraid the structure of rugby in wales is dying a death, 13 players from one club is an incredible stat..
I was at twickenham last august 62-5 that day i fear the worst for Wales.....

  crosstrainer 15:05 02 Feb 2008

Coach (Warren Gatlin) is on record as saying he will only field sides which contain mostly "Home" based individuals, those playing rugby in England and France are to have limited chances of selection.

I can see his point in a way, this way he has easy access to his playing squad. However, the players have to make a living in a limited space of time, and more money is on offer in England, France etc. then will ever be here in Wales.

  MAT ALAN 15:57 02 Feb 2008

AH!!!! the professional era, i'd be proud to play for my country for nothing..
The trouble is the "home grown" talent isn't there any more, and the celtic league is not competative enough to bring these players on to an international standard with any consistency..

  crosstrainer 16:15 02 Feb 2008

I agree, When the new "shared" stadium is finished in Cardiff, they are knocking down the old Cardiff Arms Park and replacing it with another conference centre. The Blues will share the new stadium with the city football team.

All that history gone in a few weeks. Rugby will not be the same in Cardiff :(

  MAT ALAN 16:21 02 Feb 2008

GOD!! i didn't know that the "arms park" is a rugby institution, what a sad day that will be.
there are premiership clubs that share stadiums and of course that is purely a money issue...

Would like to carry on conversation but alas i have to go, nice talking to ya, crosstrainer....

  rdave13 18:26 02 Feb 2008

A good game.

  Legolas 18:27 02 Feb 2008

Final score 19-26 for Wales bit of a surprise especially as Wales were 16-6 down at half-time

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:36 02 Feb 2008

Having just watched the debacle might I suggest that the rugby advert where the players are represented as gladiators be changed to men wearing tutus and high heels. England is truly united in having the lousiest sports players in tennis, rugby, football and cricket.


  laurie53 20:07 02 Feb 2008

I once played in a game on the Arms Park.

Still feel it was almost sacrilegious to run on that grass and crush it!

  crosstrainer 07:58 03 Feb 2008

Of Rugby by both teams, and the Ireland Italy game was just as bad...Two of the worst Internationals I have ever seen, and no gloating from me on the our (undeserved) victory.


Not only is the Arms Park going, but our International bowling green (of which I am a member) Is also going to be "re-located"...It seems that history and tradition give way to the £ sign every time these day's.

I have been a Cardiff Athletic Rugby and Bowling member for some time, but will not be renewing my membership this year :(

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