Jus' Love the Yanks...

  Quickbeam 08:59 02 Jun 2011

prudish and conservative facade that has a common UK phrase immediately censored after their over imaginative minds immediately jump to the wrong conclusion!

Suck It & See

  chub_tor 09:59 02 Jun 2011

On the other had the Mike Myers film "The Spy who Shagged me" was released with that title in the USA while the prudish and conservative Board of Film Censors in the UK insisted it was released as "Austin Powers 2" Funny old world ain't it?

  Strawballs 10:15 02 Jun 2011

Some people just can't help themselves can they !!

  Quickbeam 10:39 02 Jun 2011

'How successful were the Arctic Monkeys in the USA before this album?'

Non too relevant in my mind as their lyrics are particularly British kitchen sink and council estate reality type as were The Kinks and Blur, and as such will never be in the US mainstream anyway.

  wee eddie 11:57 02 Jun 2011

English (UK) vs English (US)

Not everything, necessarily, means the same.

  Quickbeam 12:31 02 Jun 2011

Holidaying in Eira a few years ago, a coachload of American tourists were agog at the chef's special board having traditional Irish faggots on it:)

  Colin 12:42 02 Jun 2011

Banning or censoring things like this tends to increase their popularity. Maybe the album's title is deliberate to help them in the US market?

Suck it and see is an innocent term in the UK bur obviously some Americans have put a different meaning to it. As other posters have said, there are many words that have completely different meanings here and in the US, e.g. faggots, fanny and my favourite is calling a toilet a bathroom.

  Quickbeam 15:01 02 Jun 2011

I think they've been very lucky to get a publicity rich ban FM, but I hear that phrase around my way most weeks in normal conversation, it being a favorite of an MD of mine 20 years ago when he was sceptical about an idea, but gave the go ahead to try it.

No conspiracy theory is needed if you look at the street corner language used in their lyrics from the early days, it's the sort of vocabulary that they use.

Sing About Your Deadend Street

  Admiral Allstar 19:03 02 Jun 2011

UK and US - divided by a common language.

  flycatcher1 22:32 02 Jun 2011

Quickbeam Some time ago a friend of mine met a girl in a bar in the States. He caused quite a stir when he arranged "To knock her up first thing next morning". The USA and Great Britain - separated by a common language.

  Forum Editor 22:46 02 Jun 2011

"prudish and conservative facade"

Methinks it has less to do with that, and more to do with getting the maximum amount of publicity for something that otherwise might have gone down like lukewarm tea.

Sometimes it's good not to fall for the obvious. America's 'prudish and conservative facade' is no more extraordinary than, say, Britain's strange obsession with knocking 'the Yanks'.

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