junk mail

  conrail 19:07 27 May 2009

this morning I thought the postman had messed his bed when I heard the letterbox go at 8:30am, postman normally comes between 3 + 4 pm, on checking I had 13 pieces of junk mail, 11 for different takeaways, one from one of our new mayor candidates, just a photocopy starting with 'To Whom It May Concern' and one advertising a car boot sale in a nearby town, I have registered for the telephone preferencial service what a pity I can't stop this rubbish, I collared the postman when he came at 3.55pm and he denied posting them. when there are suggestions that councils charge by the weight to empty bins we will just be paying for this unwanted rubbish to be removed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:13 27 May 2009

Life is way too short to worry about a few pieces of paper. Chill,bin and forget.


  Forum Editor 19:22 27 May 2009

you'll drive yourself mad worrying about junkmail. Sooner or later we'll get around to dealing with the problem via some decent legislation, but in the meantime just bin the rubbish and move on.

  conrail 19:23 27 May 2009

thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, it is just annoying to get either bills or junk, where's the lottery cheque?

  AL47 19:26 27 May 2009

i expect junk mail keep the post service price down!

i wont complain

plus its fun to burn if you get charged by weight! :)

  lotvic 19:38 27 May 2009

Round our way it is not always the postman who brings that junk.
We have a variety of schoolboys and one lady who delivers them on contract 'leaflet distribution' it is the same as for our local free paper.

You could try putting a notice near letterbox saying 'No Leaflets, flyers etc' it might cut down on a few of them.

  laurie53 20:46 27 May 2009

When it's delivered by the postie they get paid for it, so my postie tells me.

Guy's (and gals) got to make a living.

Just put it in the recycle bin and reduce your council tax (the greater the ratio of recycled material to landfill material the less chance of your council being fined several mill. by the EU).

  interzone55 21:33 27 May 2009

Sounds like that lot was delivered by one of the leafleting companies. The discrepancy with the delivery time is the givaway.

We get loads delivered with the local free sheet on a Friday, there's usually adverts of the latest offers at the supermarkets, so they come in handy for planning the Saturday big-shop...

  laurie53 07:49 28 May 2009

Oh, those dreaded words, the Saturday big-shop!

Thank God for retirement, when you can pick your own quiet(er) time, and if the weather looks a bit iffy you can leave it a couple of days!

  BT 08:21 28 May 2009

We usually do ours on Thursdays when its relatively quiet compared with Fridays and Saturdays (and Sundays!).

Have you noticed that lots of city centres are still fairly quiet on Wednesdays. Mrs BT thinks its a hangover from 'Halfday Closing' from years ago when most shops closed at midday on a Wednesday, as most of us 'older' citizens will remember.

As to 'Junk Mail' etc. we get loads delivered by 'leaflet distributers'. We also get Plastic bags from various charities asking for old clothes for their shops almost every week, sometimes several in the same week. Where do they think we get all these 'old' clothes from. When my old clothes are ready for disposal they aren't suitable for anything but cleaning rags. We must have had 20 of these bags so far this year.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:57 28 May 2009

make good containers for junk mail.


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