June 2008 PCA magazine and DVD

  pj123 15:38 21 Apr 2008

Have you noticed the June Issue 155 of the PC Advisor cover DVD has CCleaner version 2.02 on it?

Just checked the version I have running on my PC at the moment and it is V2.06!!

  interzone55 16:11 21 Apr 2008

Have you also noticed that pages 165 to 172 are missing, and on page 173 lots of letters are missing from words with F in?

A job for Moulder & Sculley I think...

  anskyber 16:17 21 Apr 2008

I would hazard a guess at a late withdrawal of an advertisement.

  Production Ed 16:32 21 Apr 2008

You're right, anskyber. An 8-page insert was originally scheduled to sit in that part of the magazine, but was withdrawn too late for the page numbers to be corrected. The missing letters, meanwhile, are the result of a technical error in the production process. Apologies for any confusion in both cases. The two questions affected should have read as follows:

Vinyl dubbing
Q: I want to copy my LPs to CD using my own Rega Planar 2 deck and Ortofon pickup, rather than a USB turntable. My amplifier can provide equalisation for magnetic or moving coil pickups. Can Audacity handle that, or should I take the feed from the amplifier line-out sockets? Nigel MacNicol

The output from a moving coil pickup will be far too low for any computer sound card to handle and, as you state, requires equalisation which is provided by the appropriate input of the stereo amplifier. You should feed the left and right line-outs from the amplifier into the line-in of the sound card. That will have a flat frequency response and be the correct level for the sound card inputs.

You can use Audacity to make the recording, but its main advantage is that it is free. You might also like to look at Spin It Again (acoustica.com) or Golden Records (download a trial from nch.com.au) to make better recordings.

No preview
Q: I’m using Office 2003 and can preview images but not documents. I get the error message: ‘Preview is not available’. Kenneth Johnston

The preview of a Microsoft Office document is an image that is included in the document file whenever it is saved. However, inclusion of the preview image is optional and usually turned off because it increases the file size – sometimes by a considerable amount. This is generally regarded as one of Microsoft Office’s less well thought out features.

To allow a preview of a document to be shown, open the document and click File, Properties, select the Summary tab and tick the box marked ‘Save Preview Picture’.

You may find that this has no effect on existing Excel workbooks as it reportedly only works if the option is enabled when the workbook is created. If you want every new document you create to have a preview picture, you must open the template (.dot file) used to create the document and tick the preview picture box in that.

David Price
Production editor

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