Joseph, anyone watch it?

  lisa02 12:37 10 Jun 2007

I'd like to say I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of the music and the talent was exceptional. The show was extremely well made and I'll miss it on a Saturday night now :(

Congrats to Lee on winning, he deserved it!

We backed him from the start of the show.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:47 10 Jun 2007

Didnt matter how many people voted for who, at whatever the cost was, it was always going to be downto the little bloke in the fancy chair. Maybe he had someone picked out from the start? And the bit at the end of every show was his chance to ensure that his choice didnt get bumped out, no matter what the great british voting cash cows thought.


  lisa02 12:53 10 Jun 2007

Lee was never in the bottom 2, which was decided from the phone voting system. The bottom 2 where the ones who Sir Andrew had to choose from.

In any case "the little bloke in the fancy chair" never had any control over who won.

Unless you know better?

  WhiteTruckMan 12:58 10 Jun 2007

Certainly had control over who got kicked out every week. So he could save his 'choice' if it ever came up. And thats how the show was set up. So one person could override what had been voted for.


  Forum Editor 14:01 10 Jun 2007

and thought all the contestants were dire. I haven't watched it since, but then I hate musicals anyway.

  Jim Thing 14:14 10 Jun 2007

...can't stand glitz.

I don't hate all musicals though. For me, West Side Story was the exception that proves the rule.

  Pineman100 18:38 10 Jun 2007

I'd rather stick needles under my toenails.

  Pine Man 19:02 10 Jun 2007

Aren't operas musicals? ;-)

  WhiteTruckMan 20:58 10 Jun 2007

click here

Love the cover of Time magazine..


  ulrich 21:16 10 Jun 2007

Eh no. I do not think of watching these programmes, I just have to put up paying for them.

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