Is this a joke

  thms 19:26 11 Sep 2006

Had to check the date when I saw this
click here

How can you ban someone who is blind from driving for 3years and make them sit an extended driving test.

The worlds gone mad.

  Pesala 19:30 11 Sep 2006

Probably a lot safer than someone who is blind drunk.

  silverous 19:39 11 Sep 2006

It explains it:

"Magistrates were required by law to order Aziz to take an extended driving test, if he ever decides to apply for a driving licence."

It is a legal requirement, I dare say there is no precedent for a blind driver. I've read about 12 year olds being banned for 'x years' as well. It would seem that banning for x years and ordering an extended test are the only powers available to magistrates in this area.

The law is (sometimes) an ass.

  jack 19:40 11 Sep 2006

I saw this to. what is it with Magistrates?
How can there be a ban on someone who should not be driving be they blind/underage/unlicensed, then say for 3 years and take a test.
How blind is he- Is the sight likely to improve?
Are all the facts being reported here?

  silverous 19:41 11 Sep 2006

Click here for a magistrate's (whose blog I often read) take on it:

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  Stuartli 19:44 11 Sep 2006

Magistrates have to follow guidelines and their powers are fairly limited; they always have a magistrate's clerk on hand to advise them on potential punishments which may be imposed.

Really serious cases, of whatever nature, are sent to a higher court after commital proceedings.

  lisa02 19:46 11 Sep 2006

It's more than a joke.

  jakimo 19:48 11 Sep 2006

This is his 2nd driving conviction, the roads would be a little bit safer if he was imprisoned now,or are the courts waiting for him to kill someone before doing so.

  silverous 19:52 11 Sep 2006

If you feel strongly enough about it, do something...write to your MP for example, I'm sure they will take the matter up for you. Don't however blame the magistrates as they are constrained by a legal framework that to my knowledge they don't define. If you are interested I can recommend following the blog I linked to above - it gives a fascinating insight into magistrate's life and frustrations. Don't believe all you read in the Sun about our legal system.

  jakimo 20:11 11 Sep 2006

I dont read comics

  1minute 21:22 11 Sep 2006

Were his european human rights viloated by this ban?

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