Joined up thinking....Not

  interzone55 20:18 19 Nov 2008

Two interesting stories from last night's Manchester Evening News:

ALL 11,300 of Salford council's workforce have been invited to apply for voluntary redundancy as the city struggles with a £15m budget deficit. (what will happen if everyone accepts?)
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Salford councillors have been branded Scrooge's for blocking plans for a £185,000 pink ice rink for the winter festival. The ruling Labour group blocked the plans but Tory & Lib Dem coucillors branded them scrooges and forced a fresh vote.
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So the council need to cut £15m from the budget but the usually frugal Tories & Lib Dems want the council to spend £185k on a temporary ice rink that will only recoup £37,500 in entrance fees.

  Quickbeam 08:32 20 Nov 2008

If they're anything like our council, it's all about political one-up-manship and to hell with the cost or egg on face results.

  tullie 08:35 20 Nov 2008

Should think that this is only of interest if you live in Manchester?

  interzone55 09:01 20 Nov 2008

Wrong on two counts...

1) Salford is NOT part of Manchester, it's an entirely separate city.

2) It's symptomatic of council thinking throughout the land, as pointed out by Quickbeam

  Pine Man 13:04 20 Nov 2008

'It's symptomatic of council thinking throughout the land'.

For council read government!

  The Brigadier 14:08 20 Nov 2008

Local Council is mostly made up of local residents.
So things get done that normally benefit the whole community.
The Christmas lights are the big thing each year.

  oresome 15:07 20 Nov 2008

"ALL 11,300 of Salford council's workforce have been invited to apply for voluntary redundancy as the city struggles with a £15m budget deficit. (what will happen if everyone accepts?)"

They've not been offered redundancy, only invited to apply. Those made redundant will be chosen from a list of those that applied in the first instance.

It seems reasonable, but I suspect the people who volunteer will be those who can maximise the redundancy and pension benefits........Which of course also maximises the cost to the taxpayer.

  Cymro. 15:38 20 Nov 2008

Opposition parties are always rather apt to just appose for the sake of it, anything to be bloody minded. I suspect that such behaviour is even more prevalent in local government than it is in national government.

  interzone55 16:26 20 Nov 2008

I'm not concerned about the redundancy, providing that already understaffed departments aren't the ones who lose out.

No my point is that the two stories were in the same paper, only two pages apart. One trying to cut costs, then another where the Tories and Lib Dems are forcing the ruling party to waste around £150,000 on a pink ice rink...

  interzone55 16:33 20 Nov 2008

An ice rink visited by 7,000 over 35 days last year.

Salford has a population of 218,000 - hardly the whole population flocking to spend £5 at the rink.

  oresome 16:49 20 Nov 2008

Alan14 says "The ruling Labour group blocked the plans"

My reading of the article suggests that the ruling Labour party are for the ice rink and the Conservatives and Lib Dems oppose it.

"The rink idea was `called in' by Tory and Liberal Democrat opposition councillors and a scrutiny committee voted against it. But it is expected that ruling Labour councillors will now be ordered to vote in favour."

Is this the opposite of what you've stated or am I getting completely lost in local politcs?

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