John Martyn

  Condom 14:28 30 Jan 2009

Well maybe not too many people remember John but I think his passing deserves a mention in these pages.

His Solid Air album was absolutely unique and deserves a place in most good collections. I remember him so well from my Glasgow folk club days and it was a shock years later to discover that he was actually born in leafy Surrey as his accent was as Glaswegian as mine.

His latter years were spent in ill health and much pain but he was always so cheerful.

May you rest in peace.

  crosstrainer 14:35 30 Jan 2009

One of the most talented and haunting singer / songwriters of all time, so him live 3 times...He succumbed to drink and drugs in later years but as you say, he was alway's cheerful, a very sad loss.

  crosstrainer 14:36 30 Jan 2009

Saw not so! Don't know what's up with my typing today :))

  Cymro. 15:18 30 Jan 2009

Very sorry but I have never heard of him. Any chance of a link to a site that will tell me all about him.

  crosstrainer 15:21 30 Jan 2009

All about him:

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:21 30 Jan 2009

click here the guy was a musical genius with Solid Air being years ahead of it's time. I saw him in Bolton circa 1980


  Cymro. 15:40 30 Jan 2009

Thanks for the link but I am afraid that I still don`t remember him. I feel that I should though as he seems the sort of thing I would have gone for when I was younger.

  Forum Editor 16:02 30 Jan 2009

and latterly and unfortunately a great drinker. It was a pity that he ended as he did - very ill and drowning his sorrows. About 20 years ago I think his doctor gave him 5 years to live if he didn't stop drinking. He carried on drinking, and lived another20 years.

Best to remember the good times.

  spuds 17:48 30 Jan 2009

Read about his death in the newspapers this morning, so I listened to a couple of cd's to bring back memories. Still like the duets, which he did with Kathy Mattea.

Personally though, I still prefer Peter Green as the better musician.

  logoff 23:22 30 Jan 2009

Agree with all of the above.

A great performer and innovative guitarist in his prime. Solid Air is still one of my favourite albums. Also, Grace and Danger and Glorious Fool.

Regret never seeing him live at his best-RIP


  gardener 12:39 31 Jan 2009

A great shame, but expected.One of the greats and he'll be very much missed.I've still got most of his albums and they'll continue to be played until I pass on.
Incidentally, I always assumed Shane McGowan would be first to go.

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