John Haynes and his books for the DIY mechanic

  TopCat® 15:57 20 Aug 2009

Had quite a few occasions in my time to buy or borrow one of these excellent instruction manuals. They certainly saved me and my friends quite some time and money on the various vehicles that I've repaired, maintained and serviced. click here

Did any members find them as helpful for them? TC.

  Stuartli 16:15 20 Aug 2009

Been using them for many years, although the scope for DIY working on modern vehicles is very much reduced.

But I haven't bought my current mnual - it's been out on loan from the local library for longer than I care to admit...:-)

  oldbeefer2 17:37 20 Aug 2009

They do a 'manual' aimed at Dads-to-Be. Looks exactly like the car version and contains loads of good advice. My son thought it was a hoot, but his (Australian) wife couldn't see the funny side of it.

  BT 17:45 20 Aug 2009

I had one for the Hillman Imp shown in your link, along with ones for several different motor cycles over the years. They were invaluable for cash strapped motorists.
But as Stuartli says these days its not so easy to work on modern vehicles without the dedicated equipment often needed now.

  caccy 17:59 20 Aug 2009

Have had many of the car manuals over the years and always found them useful, however the phrase "JUST REMOVE" always fills me with trepidation since it usualy means that you are in for a difficult stage of the job, fingers need to be eight inches long and as strong as steel.
Alway tell my children (40+) to buy them since their cars always end up at dads' for repair.

  Input Overload 18:13 20 Aug 2009

I used to maintain all my families vehicles 15 years ago, now when I lift the bonnet topping the oil & water up is about the limit. Gone are the days with the light bulb for the timing & the feeler gauges for the points. Now when ahh wa a lad...

  Simsy 20:02 20 Aug 2009

but not brilliant because the photos were always black and white and grainy, and you always had to keep referring to and fro between different sections.

Having said that I've had one for all my cars up til now, largely because they rather have a bit of a monopoly.

They also have a manual for a spitfire, (the plane), and the lunar landing module!



  laurie53 20:16 20 Aug 2009

Have used both the car and bike manuals for many years, and also the washing machine one.

As a novelty, for my son's winter present giving time gift, I have the Haynes Supermarine Spitfire Owner's Workshop Manual, 1936 onwards (all marks)!

Should anyone be interested the ISBN is 978 1 84425 462 0.

  Stuartli 21:25 20 Aug 2009

The Haynes manuals are written in tandem with actually doing the repairs and maintenance on a particular vehicle, all the time taking notes and photographs of the work.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:27 20 Aug 2009

If you have so many children (40+) then I'm surprised you have time for any diy :)


  SB23 21:35 20 Aug 2009

My present car, a very good looking 12 year old astra, doesn't have one, but seeing as I've had 3 in the past, I felt that I didn't need one this time round.
My other cars, Ford, Talbot Horizon (don't laugh), and others have all had the Haynes manuals.
The only reason that my current Astra is still on the road is because of what I learned from the manuals.
I can't MOT, but everything else I can, all because of Haynes.

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