Seth Haniel 13:34 29 Nov 2009

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Expect there will be a rise in attacks on council jobworths next

  peter99co 13:59 29 Nov 2009

The warden was representing Sandwell Council, which faced criticism earlier this month for fining a young mother for feeding the ducks with her son at a park.

Wait till the next council elections and vote these idiots out of a job?

  canarieslover 14:06 29 Nov 2009

Unfortunately you will only vote out the councillors and not the people employed by the council. These seem to survive and, apart from a few political hot potatoes, they keep the same policies going. Its they who provide the councillors with advice and steer them in the direction that they want to go.

  JanetO 14:14 29 Nov 2009

It seems this is just another stealth tax. This is not the first case. There have been a few and there was one where a man accidentally dropped a tenner and was fined.

If the warden first asked the offender to pick up the litter thus giving them the option then it would be saner. But if this option isn't available and the person is just fined then it is nonsensicle.

  peter99co 14:42 29 Nov 2009

It's a start in the right direction though.

  peter99co 14:44 29 Nov 2009

Derek Rowley, a Sandwell Councillor, said: “Survey after survey tells us that litter is a major worry for the people of Sandwell. They tell us they don't want to see litter on the streets of Sandwell.

  BRYNIT 15:21 29 Nov 2009

Although I don't like people throwing litter especially cigarettes and chewing gum about it is difficult to recover litter that has blown away due to strong winds and if it has fallen from your pocket you would not know about it. If a warden had approached me in these circumstances I would have asked for evidence/proof that I deliberately thrown litter onto the streets.

  peter99co 17:04 29 Nov 2009

She must have felt under some pressure to supply here identity to the warden.

  Hercule Marple 17:09 29 Nov 2009

I think I would have walked away from him without saying anything.

  Brumas 17:54 29 Nov 2009

I like...

  Forum Editor 18:47 29 Nov 2009

Litter on our streets is an increasingly serious problem. This incident has been publicised because a council employee acted by the book, rather than making a personal judgement - it's a newsworthy story 'council bullies innocent mother' etc.

The fact is, our local authorities have to use statutory powers to deal with litter because left to themselves people seem incapable of respecting their own environment. I have a client in Singapore who comes here about once a year, and he's horrified at the state of London streets - he can't understand how people can be so slovenly and apathetic about their surroundings, or how we can stand by and allow litter to be casually dropped almost everywhere.

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