Job sharing..

  spuds 12:15 04 Apr 2006

part-time working and working from home, seems to be the 'in' thing nowadays. Do you think that this as improved our living requirements and habits, especially for the customer!.

  bosmere 12:57 04 Apr 2006

I've no problems with part-time working, but working from home (unless it's for family reasons) is a further alienation of our fellow humans.

In the future where will human interaction come from? Look at kids now all glued to their various gizmos.

  bosmere 13:03 04 Apr 2006

ps I also plead guilty as I order things like CDs, DVDs, IT items (including this laptop),holidays etc. etc. on-line.

So damn convenient, although not quite the same as your question of working from home.

  ade.h 16:30 04 Apr 2006

Working from home is one of the major benefits of running your own company, especially when I can retreat to the peace and space of my office above the garage! I have one employee now, who travels a lot so that I don't have to quite so much, and he is also based at home. I have even been known to use a virtual secretary!

9 to 5 with a daily commute? Baah!

  Sir Radfordin 17:45 04 Apr 2006

A slight tangent perhaps but it is interesting to see that young people are crying out for a way to get to know each other and interact. 30 seconds browsing the sites like Bebo or MySpace will show this.

Interaction might not be happening as much at a face-to-face level, but it is happening.

As to the question posed, I doubt that 'home working' is something that would provide something that directly could be considered an advantage to the customer, but if people have the flexibility to work in a way that suits them perhaps that leads to a better customer service in the longer term.

  spuds 18:53 04 Apr 2006

The reason why I asked the question, is because I notice that it is getting more noticeable, that people are no longer tied to a routine that was expected a few years ago.

For an example. In the doctor's practice that I use, it was a case of two doctors who worked from 8.15am till approx 7pm, five days with Saturday mornings (9am/11.45am) being divided on a rota basis.Due to age and retirement, four 'younger' doctors took over, and with that came different working practices. The surgery now opens at 8.30am and closes at 6.00pm with a one and a quarter hour surgery closure around midday.All the doctor's now work a maximum of 4 days a week, at weekends the surgery is closed. All 'out of hours' work is via an agency.One of the 'old' doctor still doe's relief work at the surgery as and when needed.Even the dentist practice as streamlined the working routine. 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, no Saturday mornings now, with a one and half hour lunch break for both dentist's and staff in the week.

Another example that I found, was when a company that I have dealings with, no longer have medium sized business premises. Nearly all the professional staff now work from home, which can lead to problems of not being available. This can only be a detriment to the customer.And increase in prices seem to make matters worse.

A third example, was an article that I was reading the other day. The journalist was doing all their UK work, from their new home in the Caribbean by laptop.

Regarding job sharing, my local council brought this in a few years ago, and it now seems that three people cover for what use to be a one person job.With this is added all the extra revenue required to fund these extra 'job-sharer's.

Possibly I am thinking in terms of the past, and not in terms of the future, but what happens if and when the bubble bursts!.

  ezypcy 19:19 04 Apr 2006

Sounding like a generation thing.
People have 'wised up' to the important things in life and in doing so,are prepared to pay a bit more - when it suits them.

Why be a slave if you can create your own bubble to live,work and play in!
I'm sure a few of you out there may even have driven one!!

  Noldi 19:57 04 Apr 2006

Me I would never work from home, I did once work in the town that I lived but never again. I travel 20 miles each morning meet a news agent and meet people outside my personal bubble. keep work and play well apart.


  jack 20:07 04 Apr 2006

Sliding a little, when Spuds mentioned a 9/5 routine
that concept seems to have gone by the board a great deal now.
When I was setting out in life more than half a century age the trains to London town were packed from 7 till 9 then as a young messenger going about the streets of the city- the place was virtually empty- everybody at work. If had to go by train somewhere for the firm I had the compartment to my self.

Recent journeys to town have found the streets heaving and the train full even at 11 am and they are full at 4 pm -shift work/flexi time ?- where are they all going or coming from?

  spuds 09:51 08 Apr 2006

I'll put this to bed.Ticked.

  SG Atlantis® 10:59 08 Apr 2006

Hows this?

One of my bosses lives round the corner from me, two of my colleagues live round the other corner. If I'm going out anywhere I have to pass one of their houses.... Just try and pull a sicky! everyone will know.

So in the space of three streets there's 4 people that work in the same place, all within 2 mins of each other. It also takes me ten mins to walk to work.

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