Joanna Lumley,. National Treasure and Possible PM

  tigertop2 17:19 07 May 2009

Having just seen her latest sterling performance on the Gurkhas' behalf on the BBC website and her considerable ability to leave Gordon Brown neatly packaged on the same subject is it not about time we asked her to volunteer for the top job. I would much rather hear her telling me we are broke for the next 15 years than the glum and unpreposessing present incumbent of No 10 . I am sure a safe seat can be found.

  jakimo 17:44 07 May 2009

After today Joanna Lumley`s campgain for justice for the Gurkha's can leave know one in any doubt that Gordon Browns government, after sending out those letters is not only financially but morally bankrupt.

The sooner they go the better

  oresome 18:02 07 May 2009

"The sooner they go the better"

Before they exit stage left, perhaps we should consider who the next act will be.

  ulrich 18:52 07 May 2009

Not Prime Minister, she shouldn't believe everything she is told.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:40 07 May 2009

Isn't it Jeremy Clarksons turn next?


  tigertop2 20:14 07 May 2009

Didn't see it that way. She led Gordon into a tiger trap very skilfully. Seems to me she has got most of those trying to delay the inevitable on the run very 'juldi juldi'-just butter up their egos and pretend to them that they are doing the right thing with no help from herself. I'm impressed!

  tigertop2 20:49 07 May 2009

Jeremy Clarkson --and Jonathon Ross --will just have to hang back for now. There are many others in the queue like Ken Dodd who have been waiting much longer.

  Quickbeam 00:21 08 May 2009

Ken Dodd's skills will surely lie in the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer...

  Stuartli 00:45 08 May 2009

I watched the whole event this afternoon live, alternating between BBC News and Sky News - the former got a neat scoop over Sky with the use of one of its rooms for the impromptu meeting between Phil Woolas and Joanna Lumley (the more angry and passionate she gets, the more the men swoon!)

She has some clever people behind her, but there is no doubt that the Government has been left looking very ill at ease (even more so with the story in today's Telegraph with regard to Brown and Ministerial colleagues' expenses claims).


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  tigertop2 09:32 08 May 2009

Quickbeam, you are probably right but since our PM no doubt also works Alistair Darling like a puppet maybe the 2 posts could be done by one person?

  Stuartli 10:20 08 May 2009

I'm surprised you would even suggest the lady would let such praise go to her head...:-)

The difference between the PM and JL is that her passion and emotional reactions for her subject come across as genuinely heartfelt, whereas the former gives the impression of being the real time actor of the two in what is proving an uncomfortable role on several stages.

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