Jim Devine guilty over expenses

  peter99co 12:31 10 Feb 2011

Another one bites the dust.

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  gengiscant 12:51 10 Feb 2011

Another one of a very few that were actually charged with any offense,the rest paid some or in the odd case all the money back and nothing further was done.

They still seem to be claiming as though nothing has happened.

Yet another example of politicians promising change yet quietly keeping the status quo.

  Forum Editor 13:24 10 Feb 2011

as though nothing has happened."

Are you living on the same planet as the rest if us?

The new expenses regime is draconian. The pendulum appears to have swung too far the other way, as often happens, and MPs are demoralised by the whole thing. It will deter people from standing at elections, and we'll get fewer good people in the House.

Nevertheless, I'm sure lots of people will be happy that they've exposed a few cheats, and saved us a few million.

  gengiscant 14:04 10 Feb 2011

Will these be the same type of good people we had when the expenses scandal story first broke I wonder? When not just a few were pocketing dubious expenses claims and getting away with it.

Do these good people also sit in the House of Lords who agreed to the interpretation that it was only necessary to spend 1 night a month at an address to be able to call it their main residence, then claims thousands of pounds in living expenses?

  Forum Editor 15:34 10 Feb 2011

I'm not defending people who fiddle their expenses - there is no defence for that. My point, which you seem to have ignored, is that it's possible to overreact to situations, and I believe there's been a considerable overreaction where permissible expenses are concerned.

  oresome 19:45 10 Feb 2011

I'm uneasy with the fact that a few MP's have been singled out for prosecution while the majority have at most had to repay dubious claims.

The fact is that MP's salaries have been suppressed for a number of years and it seems to have been a widespread practise to maximise the use of a lenient expenses system to make up the difference.

I'm all for putting a stop to the system as it was, introducing some honesty, paying a salary commensurate with the reponsibility and hours worked and reimbursing legitimate expenses.

I do question whether we need 600 plus MP's with a European parliament and devolved governments in Wales and Scotland.

Recent evidence to the Chilcot inquiry suggests that even cabinet ministers had little input to the decision making process on no less a matter than should we go to war.

  natdoor 21:07 10 Feb 2011

"Saved us a few million".

The amount recovered in repaid expenses was about £1million and the cost was the investigation was about £200.000 more.

  peter99co 13:19 11 Feb 2011

"Saved us a few million".

If the MP's are now reigned in we will continue to save millions.

If they behave they may find the purse strings loosened a little. Far better than the free for all we had before.

  WhiteTruckMan 14:18 11 Feb 2011

The considerable overreaction where permissible expenses are concerned is I believe in part due to what is percieved as permissible by some of the (dis)honourable members.


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