Jeremy Clarkson whats the problem

  ponytail 08:24 04 Apr 2015

Why all the fuss over Jeremy Clarkson as far as I am concerned it is the best thing the BBC has ever done.I found Clarkson obnoxious and how could all those people just stand around in that studio laughing at his silly comments.I hope he never returns.

  Pine Man 08:49 04 Apr 2015

That is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

Millions would disagree, which is why there has been a fuss and an item was posted here on Speakers Corner, which received 106 answers and 3932 views.

If you want to see what PC Adviser members think about Clarkson have a look.

click here

  Forum Editor 09:10 04 Apr 2015

"I hope he never returns."

He will not - at least as far as the BBC and Top Gear are concerned.

  morddwyd 10:05 04 Apr 2015

Face reality. I dislike him more than many because he used his position to be extremely offensive to me and some friends, but the man is immensely popular and will draw an audience of millions whenever and wherever he appears.

  Pine Man 11:23 04 Apr 2015


Just read your post again:-

Why all the fuss over Jeremy Clarkson - You wrote this and restarted the 'fuss' that had died down after the last post was closed.

I found Clarkson obnoxious - Was that the first time you watched him or every time? ;-)

How could all those people just stand around in that studio laughing at his silly comments - Because those in the audience and millions of viewers enjoyed the program.

I hope he never returns. - Why would you have wished that? It was not compulsory viewing you never had to watch it nor would you have had to watch it in the future if he had stayed.

I am no fan of Jeremy Clarkson although I did find some of the content of Top Gear occasionally entertaining. I just don't understand why Ponytail and others get so, extremely, hot under the collar about something that they didn't have to watch and had no effect on their lives whatsoever.

  ponytail 13:37 04 Apr 2015

This is the first time I have used speakers corner only spotted it this morning and looking at some of the comments made in Pine Mans link quite a few people have the same opinion as me although I think he will be back as viewing numbers mean everything but will keep my fingers crossed.Have tried watching on several occasions but nothing changed my mind he is still a obnoxious bigheaded bigot in my opinion so well done BBC.

  bumpkin 15:50 04 Apr 2015

This is the first time I have used speakers corner only spotted it this morning

After being a member for 7yrs:-) No offence meant, welcome.

  Quickbeam 18:47 04 Apr 2015

There's no problem with him now he's become a has been...

  ponytail 20:39 04 Apr 2015

Lets hope it stays that way perhaps he should go to America they might like him there as they have a funny sense of humour going by some of the rubbish sit coms I have seen from there.

  wee eddie 21:13 04 Apr 2015

I'm looking forward to the new show but I will have to work out how to find it on my PC.

  rdave13 21:28 04 Apr 2015

I wouldn't mind being a 'has-been' with the fortune the man has earned over the years.

wee eddie , you should be ok if you have Sky.

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