Jeremy Clarkson suspended by BBC after a fracas with a producer

  iscanut 17:05 10 Mar 2015

About time ?

  Forum Editor 17:20 10 Mar 2015

Here's the story

The phrase 'self-fulfilling prophesy' springs to mind.

This man has become very rich by acting like an overgrown schoolboy. I shall shed no tears if the suspension turns into a sacking, but I'm not holding my breath - audience ratings are a powerful motivator where TV bosses are concerned.

  john bunyan 17:24 10 Mar 2015

Forum Editor

I could not have put it better!!

  mole1944 17:31 10 Mar 2015

He's an oaf pure and simple,so far up himself he must be inside out.Remember other presenters have come and gone and so shall a few months it could be Jeremy who ?.He thinks he's bullet proof we shall see.

  carver 17:43 10 Mar 2015

Before you hang him why not wait for the full story, don't forget there's always 2 sides to every thing.

  wee eddie 18:06 10 Mar 2015

You're all suckers.

This'll be another publicity stunt, very much along the lines of the Argentinian Number Plate Scam.

It's cheaper than paying an Advertising Agency..

Sorry folks, but you've been conned again!

  carver 18:37 10 Mar 2015

spider9 well said, why spoil a good hanging far better than waiting for the facts.

  Forum Editor 19:17 10 Mar 2015

"Sorry folks, but you've been conned again!"

I think not. A fracas with a TV producer isn't something you stage for publicity purposes. There was obviously a row involving Clarkson's ego, and the BBC has acted accordingly.

There will be an investigation, but I'm a realist - I do not expect the BBC to axe someone whose programme attracts 6 million viewers unless the fracas was a very serious affair indeed.

  Al94 19:23 10 Mar 2015

Exit one producer?

I like Clarkson, he's an oaf but a clever one.

I do however wish the format of the show would revert to honest and entertaining reviews of new models rather than 100 per cent crazy stunts.

  iscanut 19:34 10 Mar 2015

The BBC will not countenance such a successful program as this to go to a rival such as ITV so I expect he will have knuckles rapped ( if indeed he is at fault ) and Top Gear will carry on.

  Belatucadrus 20:37 10 Mar 2015

"the orang-utan", is carefully cultivated by a clever man.

I think the word should be Was carefully cultivated. I think some years ago there was clear air between man and screen persona. I think that money and arrogance have removed the separation, Man and Orang Utan are now one and the same.

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