JCB use on the highway?

  Graham. 15:19 04 Apr 2011

A JCB from a building works site is often seen parked in the bus stop in Morrisons car park. It has no number plate and no Tax disc (presumably the driver has popped in for a sandwich). It has to travel on public roads to get there.

I suspect this is unlawful, and at the very least, it will not be insured. What does the panel think?

  wiz-king 15:32 04 Apr 2011

Yup - you are correct.

  MAT ALAN 15:53 04 Apr 2011

And of course now your duty will be to report this to the relevant authorities...

  Pineman100 16:40 04 Apr 2011

Oh come on - give the poor driver a break! If the best he can afford for lunch is a Morrisons sandwich, then he deserves our sympathy rather than a traffic fine.


  BT 17:23 04 Apr 2011

Have you seen the price of Supermarket sandwiches. If he can afford to buy them every day he's being paid too much! He'd be much better off making his own.

As to the question of Road Tax etc. he's breaking the law, but it would be fun seeing the Plod trying to tow it away and crushing it.

We had to put number plates etc on a Fork Lift truck so that it could travel about 15 yards on the road to access premises next door.

  Forum Editor 17:50 04 Apr 2011

rather than a traffic fine."

Until he causes a road traffic accident on the way back from getting his sandwich.

Let's get real - anyone who flouts the law in this way doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy.

  ukpostcode 18:29 04 Apr 2011

Where about is this happening as Police Forces crack down harder than others.
Contact VoSA who would love to have a chat with the driver!

  Chris the Ancient 09:27 05 Apr 2011

I will confess to less than 100% certainty on this, but... I believe there is a regulation where plant and machinery may travel very limited distances on the public highway to get from one job to another or between sites.

I came across this some years ago when a local ne'er-do-well took to driving his small dumper house past our house several times a day (to annoy us deliberately - but that is another story) and we reported him. In the end, because we logged the occurrences and measured the distance between 'sites', he was deemed to not be making legitimate journeys and was served with an official caution.

Perhaps the JCB in question is exploiting this loophole - but, by no stretch of the imagination could I imagine a trip to Morrisons to collect a sandwich as a legitimate trip between sited.

So go for it, tell VOSA!

  carver 09:42 05 Apr 2011

It has to have a number plate to be legally driven on any public road, only time this does not apply is if you have to drive it onto a loader to transport it to another site and the loader can not get access onto the premises it is currently on.

The main thing he has no insurance in case of an accident.

  timsmith259 10:06 05 Apr 2011

next time you see inform the police

  Armchair 10:19 05 Apr 2011

If he's doing this regularly, it should only be a matter of time before the cops spot him and show him the error of his ways.

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