Japan Earthquake

  morddwyd 08:16 11 Mar 2011

Looking at the pictures it becomes increasingly difficult to comprehend the magnitude of thye damage.

  Uboat 08:32 11 Mar 2011


hi! ive just woke up to it OMG! looking at the footage is shocking..no doubt they will be casualties with something like this,from an earthquake a massive "9" on the richter scale wow

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  Quickbeam 08:33 11 Mar 2011

I've only just seen the pictures on Breakfast TV. They're saying it's the worst Japanese quake for 140 years. The following Tsunami is washing seagoing boats, cars and houses inland, and has lifted ocean going ships up onto the docksides.

The tsunami warnings are going as far afield as Hawaii , the Philippines, Australia, and they've said that Russia has evacuated 12,000 people from a coast in danger from it.

  rdave13 09:25 11 Mar 2011

It's absolutely horrific.

  carver 09:38 11 Mar 2011

That must be one of the most frightening things to happen to you, to see a wall of water coming towards you with nowhere to go.

It's hard to visualise a wave thats as tall as a 2 story house.

  john bunyan 10:20 11 Mar 2011

I have friends in N Australia, but according to the official Australian authorities there "is no threat to mainland Australia" - hope they are right, but there are some Pacific islands that are lower at thei highest point than the expected wave height.

  Quickbeam 10:29 11 Mar 2011

New Zealand's North Island is preparing for the tsunami to arrive in around 6/7 hours and are advising people to clear away from the target coast. Even Chile preparing for a worse case wave within 12 hours.

I think after the Boxing day one of 2004, they are risking no chances and taking advantage of the generous warning times.

  Uboat 11:12 11 Mar 2011

one other factor to take into account these Tsunami's are faster then a man can run! and with a wall of water several stories high it must be horrific to see one coming & with no where to go...

  Seth Haniel 11:44 11 Mar 2011

of Nuclear Power Station on fire too

  Woolwell 12:14 11 Mar 2011

The report states that the fire is in the turbine hall of nuclear station. The UN and Japan reports that the nuclear stations have been safely shut down.

More worryingly is the report of the huge fire at an oil refinery.

  ella33 12:27 11 Mar 2011

I have just watched the special BBC programme, it was so horrifc and sad. The fires someone mentioned are at the oil refinery and others are caused by gas leaking as a result of the earthquake. A huge whirlpool has caused a ship containing 10 people to disappear. Isn't that unusual for a tsunami to strike at sea? maybe it was quite close to the coast.

NZ has downgraded the tsunami warning but that is about the only good news.

I expect there will be more reports all day.

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