Jamaican music

  royalflush 20:35 22 May 2007

Hi everyone can anyone help me i am after a style of Jamaican sort of Reggae

i was watching a program on tv a few days ago it was filmed in Jamaica & the program had some very nice feel good music on its the type that doesnt have any bass to it or none of the hardcore stuff in it,

a very easy listening kinda original Jamaican music..can anyone help please

  STREETWORK 20:38 22 May 2007

You gotta live there for a while to vibe the music.

also know the slang used like 'ire' which means 'randy'

ie: are you feelin ire, like the nite before, then hold be tight... sing this to any reggie type sound...

Roots man..

  Jak_1 20:39 22 May 2007

Try Bob Marley, excellent music. Buffalo Soldier is a particular fave of mine.

  STREETWORK 20:46 22 May 2007

Read this

click here

click here

click here

Last link needs real player, i like the lost in music track

  royalflush 20:47 22 May 2007

thanks guys but it wasnt Bob Marley or at least i dont think so.......

sounded a little like his material but was more mmm something i cant think of the words was lovely music

  Kate B 21:03 22 May 2007

What was the programme? Try the programme-maker's website.

  royalflush 21:07 22 May 2007

KateB all i can rember was that it was a english woman (White) who went over there in the last few months to look into the history of a tribe in Jamaica,she had a dance with them then the program kinda ended i watched the last 10 mins of it...:-(

  Jak_1 21:21 22 May 2007

Check back through the tv listings for that date, it my give mor info on the music and the artists.

  royalflush 23:22 22 May 2007

its the type where u see a programme & they show u the beach with palm tree's kinda honeymoon photo'ish & then the nice music comes on

  Forum Editor 07:06 23 May 2007

into Google, and work from there.

  Bob The Nob© 08:48 23 May 2007

Bob Marley, UB40, Madness, The Specials. These are just some bands that play ska/reggae. Madness have a lot of ska but some have a very reggae feel, especially the dangermen seesions (Their latest album). Bob Marley and UB40 are an obvious choice but the specials have a very punky reggae style, worth a listen!


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