Jailed MP has rolex stolen in prison

  Algerian peter 10:23 07 Aug 2011

How stupid can you be, taking a rolex into a prison and letting the inmates know you have it.

Will he sue for the loss of his watch or for being mugged in prison? He might walk away with more than he swindled in false morgauge payments.

  Algerian peter 10:23 07 Aug 2011

The story link text

  rickf 10:24 07 Aug 2011

As you say he is stupid at worst and naive at best.And he is an MP??? The mond boggles.

  sunnystaines 10:56 07 Aug 2011

man has got to be 100% stupid,may have been bought on expences paid for by the tax payer

  Quickbeam 11:44 07 Aug 2011

" To be honest, none of the other prisoners could believe he’d been stupid enough to bring a Rolex into the prison.’ "

Gives a new meaning to the phrase thick as thieves...

  Aitchbee 12:42 07 Aug 2011

Most Members of Parliament do not live in the real world. I can give lots of examples, but my better judgement says I'd better not criticize them here.

  morddwyd 15:20 07 Aug 2011

Do I detect a bit of gloating here?

The guy has been convicted and sentenced (though nothing like long enough in my opinion), but that sentence did not include confiscation of assets.

Like any other citizen he is as entitled to protection on the inside, just as he is on the outside.

Having said that I have no hesitation in bluntly saying "Serves him right"

  Aitchbee 17:44 07 Aug 2011

spider9 - because the FE thinks that Members of Parliament can do no wrong.I have extremely opposite views on that one.

  interzone55 18:10 07 Aug 2011

This goes well beyond naivety into into the realms of utter stupidity.

It is every persons duty to protect their own personal possessions to the best of their ability.

Taking a £3,000 Rolex into a prison, even one with a locking box in the sell is frankly negligent. I wouldn't even take a £20 Timex into a prison, and leave my expensive watches at home when I go on holiday, I take a £5 Casio F-91W (as listed on the US Department of Homeland Security watch (pun intended) list, as used by terrorists as a bomb timer because it's cheap & accurate) away with me.

Surely Mr Morley has a bank where he could store his watch if his home isn't secure enough.

As my grab always told me, the tempter is as bad as the tempted, and taking a valuable object into a prison surely counts as temptation...

  interzone55 18:20 07 Aug 2011

Whoops, couple of typos there

sell = cell

grab = gran

  Aitchbee 18:27 07 Aug 2011

spider9 - Noddy might have a word to say about that..I better not say too much.

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