Jail for UK computer hackers

  anchor 08:51 08 Oct 2005
  Forum Editor 11:23 08 Oct 2005

in the future. The UK Police and the FBI have really got their act together when it comes to cooperating on these investigations, and it will become increasingly difficult for virus-writers to hide from them.

  CurlyWhirly 12:55 08 Oct 2005

I am glad that the hackers got caught and as FE says if there is more co-operation in the future from the UK Police and the FBI then, hopefully, hackers might be deterred from similar operations in the future.

  Totally-braindead 18:58 08 Oct 2005

They got jailed, good.

  igk 15:42 12 Oct 2005

And when they are released from Jail they will be employed by software companies @ around £60 grand a year just as a reward....

  Andybear 18:47 12 Oct 2005

That is so true! It's a bit like ex-criminals joining the police force. Apparently they make brilliant policemen/women.

  Forum Editor 19:17 12 Oct 2005

There's no real reason why that shouldn't happen is there? Once they've served their sentence these people are as free as you or I to work where they like aren't they?

  igk 20:16 12 Oct 2005

It sounds to me that you approve of this,so you think that an ex bank robber should be allowed to work in a bank? that a violent criminal should be allowed to work as a carer for the elderly? I could go on but you would probably delete my post as you have done in the past!!!

  Chegs ® 17:54 13 Oct 2005

these people are as free as you or I to work where they like aren't they?

Under the Rehabilitation of offenders act,yes,they can work anywhere.Under the various amendments made(Re:sex offenders aren't allowed near children,etc)no.Its a catch22 situation,declare your convictions,dont get the job,conceal them,and get fired when they come out(which is occuring more and more,due to freedom of information/hacking,PC's can be used to find out all kinds about others)

  Forum Editor 18:26 13 Oct 2005

Don't be so silly - if you want to discuss something please try to do it in an adult fashion, and don't make offensive comments about me obviously approving of something. Comparing a person who writes a computer virus to a violent criminal is plain daft, and of course there's no reason why an ex bank robber shouldn't work in a bank - please provide me with one.

Try to understand that when you are convicted of a crime you serve a sentence, and once you've done so you are free to work anywhere, provided there isn't a legislative reason that prevents you - as there is with convicted child sex-offenders.

Computer virus writers may indeed have a great deal to offer in terms of expertise, and once they've paid their debt to society there's absolutely no valid reason why a commercial concern should not offer them jobs.

You seem to take the view that a person must go on paying for an offence for the rest of his/her life, which is plainly a ridiculous argument.

  Praxis99 19:39 13 Oct 2005

Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act each offence has a time period for which it must be declared (in the case of fines for instance it is 5 yrs) after which it is declared 'spent' unless the offence resulted in a prison sentence of more than 2.5 yrs duration in which case it is never spent.

As for a bank robber working in a bank it comes down to issues of relevancy, risk and probably bank policy that make such empoyment unlikely.

Employers now have access to the CRB (Criminal Record Bureau)in order to verify that a person is or is not telling the truth with respect to whether they have committed an offence or not and its worth pointing out that not to declare unspent convictions is an offence in itself.

Howvever Offenders can and do regain employment even after commiting the most henious of crimes and help is avialble to assit them in doing so since its in all our interests that people are gamefully employed since lack of work is a key cause of re-offending.

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